There are lots of reasons to fix up an old house instead of buying a brand new one. In general, it’s prudent to use what’s already been built rather than letting perfectly usable homes sit empty. More than that, many old buildings have a certain character that new ones often don’t.

New York resident Sue Hansen realized that when she began remodeling her old house. While redoing the kitchen, she noticed some odd marks on the floor, and soon realized that the room had a lot more to it than she’d initially realized!

Sue Hansen of Ballston Spa, New York recently bought a house that was constructed in 1901 and began remodeling the old building. 

bowling-7Google+ / Sue Hansen

When she tore up the carpet in what was once the kitchen, she was surprised to discover little metal circles in the hard wood flooring underneath.


Then she noticed this contraption attached to the ceiling and grew even more confused. These things seemed to go together but she had no clue what they were used for…


When they pulled up the hard wood to refurbish it, Sue finally figured out what all these odd accessories were there for…


Her kitchen used to have a bowling alley! 


The house was built by a man named Herbert Massey, who around the turn of the century owned a cafe and a bowling alley in town. Apparently, he loved the game so much he put a lane in his house!

bowling-6Google + / Sue Hansen

Sue decided to restore the kitchen bowling alley in its entirety to retain the original character of the house and to use the room the way it had been intended. What an unexpected but excellent discovery!

bowling-5Google + / Sue Hansen

That’s pretty a pretty nifty find! Now that it’s restored, it almost looks too nice to actually use for bowling!

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