It’s easy to forget that our grandparents, as sweet and doting as they are, probably led some pretty interesting lives before they became just kindly senders of birthday checks. And as one family recently found out, those past lives can hold some crazy secrets.

Reddit user vsky was cleaning out his grandmother’s old house with the rest of their family when they stumbled upon an old safe. After getting it open, they looked inside… and what they found changed everything.

Reddit user vsky‘s grandparents lived in this old house for 50 years after building it themselves.


The whole family was cleaning out the house when they stumbled upon a hidden room.


Inside was a locked safe.


They found the combination to the safe written on one of the rafters in the garage.


Inside the safe was a veritable treasure trove!


There were guns, paper bank notes, and a deed to property that the family hadn’t even known about!


Some of the currency predated the prohibition era.


There was also a sack of silver half dollars dating from 1964 to as far back as the late 1800s.


Their value today is somewhere in the range of $15,000.


You can tell that these coins have been through a lot!


The real question is, what was grandma doing with all the guns?


What a find! What’s even crazier is that they might never know why their grandparents were holding all of that loot. Judging by the inventory, it seems like they were up to no good!

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