Everyone has a hobby that they enjoy doing when they have downtime for the hustle and bustle of life. However, not everyone’s hobbies get them in trouble with law… at least not usually!

While Alice Winstone was on her way to visit her sister, she passed a police officer who immediately flipped on the siren and pulled her over. Naturally, she panicked; as far as she knew, Alice always obeyed the letter of the law when it came to driving.

Meanwhile, the officer approached the vehicle. He was prepared to reprimand Alice for not taking the proper safety precautions with the infant he’d seen in the seat next to hers, but when he stepped toward the window, he froze in his tracks. The situation he was confronted with was one he had not been trained on how to handle…

When a local police officer spotted a woman named Alice Winstone driving down the road, he had no choice but to pull her over. He had spotted a baby in the car, and he was concerned that the baby was not properly secured in its seat. Once he approached Alice’s car, though, he was in for a big surprise…


See, the baby inside the car with Alice wasn’t your average child. While it certainly appeared to be a normal, healthy baby, the police officer would soon learn that it was anything but. The truth, as it so happened, involved Alice’s very odd hobby…


See, Alice had five happy children of her very own, who were all very much normal. That said, the baby in her car was one of some 50 babies that she regularly “adopted.” Can you spot what was so weird about these babies?


That’s right—they were actually dolls! As it turned out, collecting these realistic-looking baby dolls was Alice’s favorite hobby, and once she got into the practice she knew she would never go back. While other people might not understand, that didn’t matter to Alice. After being diagnosed with a blood disorder, Alice learned she couldn’t have any more biological children.

As a mother of five, raising young children had become a big part of how she viewed herself. Adopting these dolls was her way of coping with her diagnosis. She even loved to spoil her fake babies with expensive toys and gifts. This wasn’t something new, either. When she was raising her own babies, Alice couldn’t get enough of outfitting them in trendy new outfits and making sure that they had all the latest toys.

But after her run-in with the law, she placed a sign on her car making it clear that any babies inside were not actually real. The officer gave her this tip just to help her avoid any more awkward encounters with police officers like him!

Alice paid upwards of $2,000 for these dolls, and she believed that they were worth every penny. While this might sound like a lot of money, think of the cash people routinely shell out on hobbies like skiing or horseback riding! It might be an expensive hobby, but to her, the money wasn’t an issue. 


Alice isn’t alone in her unusual passion. In fact, women (and even some men) all over the world have become obsessed with “adopting” these realistic-looking baby dolls. Some use them to get over the loss of a child, while, for others, it’s all about the power of imagination.

The people who own these dolls connect online and have a flourishing community of likeminded friends who are all passionate about collecting, dressing, and caring for their adorable—if not living—little babies. It might be difficult to wrap your head around it, but it seems to make them happy!

In the meantime, Alice still loves her weird collection and doesn’t care what anyone else has to say about it! Her real five children were taken aback by their mother’s passion at first, but once they saw how happy it made her, they couldn’t help but be happy on her behalf.


There’s no denying that this is one weird hobby. But if it makes her happy, who are we to judge? Keep on collecting your baby dolls, Alice—just make sure you drive safely!

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