As an astronaut and engineer, Chris Hadfield knows more about physics than just about anyone. Not only that, but he’s seen pretty much everything. So when even he’s amazed by something, you know it’s got to be pretty mind-blowing.

While Hadfield may be best known for his time in outer space, he’s put in time in other environments, too. Not only has he performed experiments all the way up in zero gravity, but he’s done them on the bottom of the ocean as well! For one recent experiment he conducted in a facility on the ocean floor, he wanted to see what sort of effects the pressurization would have on an everyday object.

Just watch what happens when he tries to open a soda can after shaking it when he’s down there. It’s pretty unbelievable…

There are few people more commonly looked up to than astronauts—both figuratively and literally. After all, there are so few people in the history of humanity who have been to outer space, and those who have done it are practically superheroes!

Yet for as much as the discussion surrounding astronauts often focuses on the exploratory aspect, it’s important to remember that you have to be pretty smart to be an astronaut. Having been to space is just one part of who they are.

Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield certainly understands that. He may be most famous for being the first Canadian to walk in space, but he’s also an engineer, and leaving zero gravity didn’t mean that his interest in science ended.

NASA / Wikimedia Commons

Hadfield dedicated his life to science and educating others about how amazing it can be. He’s appeared on a number of television shows, has an active social media presence, and is even an author of an autobiography.

NASA / Flickr

With that in mind, his YouTube channel, Chris Hadfield’s Rare Earth, is definitely something special. In one of his videos, he spent some time living on the bottom of the ocean floor in a submarine. During his time there, he performed quite the strange experiment!

It all started, simply enough, with an ordinary can of Coca-Cola. Considering the fact that soda is such a commonly found and consumed product, you may be wondering what on Earth this might have to do with science.

Indeed, besides that one infamous challenge involving Mentos candy and bottles of Diet Coke (please, for the sake of your poor mother, don’t try it in the house), soda is usually reserved for use as a sweet beverage. Yet Hadfield had a fascinating point to make about physics.

He filmed the entire experiment, too. Just a few seconds after the camera began rolling, the astronaut decided to do something that just about any 12-year-old could tell you is extremely ill-advised: he started vigorously shaking up the can of Coca-Cola!

Especially considering the fact that he was stuck on the ocean floor, it seemed like he was just asking for trouble, right? Yet that’s exactly what Hadfield was trying to show. Just wait until you see what happens when he pops open the can…

What a fascinating turn of events… and an even more fascinating explanation! It’s clear that Hadfield is an expert in pretty much all things physics, whether he’s deep underwater or venturing outside of our own atmosphere! See what happens when he flips the tab on the can of soda…

It’s actually pretty cool to see how just a slight difference to our conditions can change everything. Don’t try this at home… unless, perhaps, you live in a submarine!

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