Whenever we look at a photograph, we tend to take it at face value; we trust what our eyes are seeing without questioning it. But every once in a while, upon further inspection, we realize what we’re observing isn’t always quite what it seems.

At first glance these photos may seem ordinary, but you’ll soon notice that there’s definitely more than meets the eye. Just try your best to make sense of these mind-benders…

1. It appears that the park bench doesn’t have a seat, and the ladies are floating in the air — or just really good at casually squatting.

3 ladies on a bench

2. Former President Barack Obama is definitely still a powerful figure, even though he’s no longer in office. However, there’s no way he’s powerful enough to hold the sun in his hands! Ouch.

3. This photograph of a young woman kneeling on the ground resurfaced recently and had the Internet up in arms… because she clearly has three legs.

Imgur / AMassiveTRexHoldingaBaby

But if you look closely, you can see that this woman isn’t three-legged at all; she’s simply holding a vase. The shape and color of the vase almost match her legs, which adds to the illusion.

Illusion 4Imgur / AMassiveTRexHoldingaBaby

4. This woman had finished doing the dishes when she noticed that the soapy water going down the drain looked absolutely like a human eye! If you’re at all phobic about creepy eyeballs, maybe skip looking at this one.

5. This lady giving a speech on the beach looks as if she’s flying on some sort of magic carpet! She’s not, of course; it’s just the deceptive shadow of a flag behind the photographer.

6. When this painter was tasked with covering a billboard in blue paint, he had no idea that it would create such a stunning optical illusion. He’s not turning the billboard into sky; the color of the paint just gives it the same hue.

7. Here’s a photograph of a man taken at the Great Wall of China. He appears to be leaning against the Great Wall itself… which is on its side.

If you look closely at the background, you can clearly see two people walking upright. It’s really hard to tell, but the shadow he’s casting lines up with his body, which means the picture is actually tilted — and he’s just performing a side plank!

8. Here’s another picture that broke the Internet: these six ladies sitting next to each other in a basement seems completely normal at first. If you look carefully, however, you’ll notice that there are only five pairs of legs. 

Ladies Illusion 5Reddit / jrOd7771

The woman sitting second from the left has her legs behind her friend in the black jeans. The girl who appears to have no legs (in the center) is sitting at a slight angle, which gives the illusion that her legs belong to the friend on her right.

Ladies Illusion 6Reddit / jrOd7771

9. At first, this looks like a photo of a woman… with six fingers: her thumb (which you presumably can’t see in the photo) and five additional fingers. Luckily, this is most likely the work of a crafty Photoshop user trying to stump readers!

Illusion 8

10. This man had high hopes to read the paper without being distracted. His dog, however, had another plan: to become a prima ballerina!

11. This one will definitely make you look twice. This woman at the beach had no idea that, when she stopped to take in the waves, she’d almost vanish into them thanks to the color combination of her own clothing.

12. At first glance this looks like the result of some Photoshop editing; this is clearly the face of a very angry owl! However, it’s actually a cup of coffee that’s been snapped at the precise moment a man dropped two round cookies into it!

13. No, this young woman isn’t some rare breed of unicorn. This photograph of her was taken as she was walking down the center path of a field… which happened to align just perfectly with her hair’s natural part.

14. While there’s no denying that some dogs are exceptionally intelligent, this pup didn’t suddenly figure out how to go undercover as a human being. He’s simply standing on a bench and leaning forward, making it look like he has a woman’s body!

15. Nope, this is not a case of a new species being discovered! This is just a perfectly timed photo in which a giant bird extended its wings directly behind this antelope. Of course, the antelope seems to have no clue how regal she looks right now!

16. It looks like this cat was craving a second dinner, and his curiosity got the better of him: now he’s on the bag’s packaging! Just kidding. It is pretty convenient how his coat matches the pattern of the kitty on the bag, though.

17. Believe it or not, that woman isn’t actually sporting a full, luscious beard. It’s simply her hair being caught mid-jump that’s creating this hairy illusion.

Are you feeling mixed up yet? Some of these perfectly timed photos are enough to break your brain!

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