The human eye is a true miracle, one we tend to take completely for granted. The cones and spheres inside our eyes interact with light to help us understand and process every single thing around us.

While the human body and what it can do never fails to amaze, sometimes, believe it or not, our eyes can get stuff totally wrong! How many times have you done a double take, sure you saw one thing and then looked back to see you were simply confused?

These tricks of the eye or optical illusions can be confusing, but they can also be pretty darn hilarious. These images are perfect examples of just how crazy things look when our eyes don’t understand the information presented to them.

This might look like a two-headed dog, but don’t go calling the tabloids just yet! If you look closer you’ll see that it’s actually two different dogs. The one in the rear is just standing between his owner’s legs making his body difficult to see. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.58.02 AMPinterest

At first glance, this photo could appear to be of a young woman showing off her toned midriff but look a little bit more closely. If you do that you’ll see that she’s actually leaning onto a mannequin displaying a pair of jeans. Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.57.39 AMPinterest

Is that a giant furry turkey leg resting on someone’s bed? It might look that way, but it’s actually just a very fluffy cat who has made himself comfortable in a hilarious position. Don’t eat this chicken! b7ab8aae7b6f2a465a163dd770630031Imgur

Are these women fleeing from an attack at the paws of the world’s largest (and cutest) puppy dog? No! The dog just happens to be running far ahead of them. The perspective makes it seem like they are all the same size. e1693016bdde9553a16d0738819cbfcd-800x514Imgur

There is something so soothing about this image. While it may look like a collage of different places, it’s actually an image of the corner of one building, a tree nearby and the top of a parking structure. However it happened, it’s still pretty cool.7b06be2434ee25d82c680de8d38df6d4-800x800Imgur

This photo of a mother and child might look like it’s worth submitting to a “world’s oldest looking baby” contest, but really the little girl just has her head wrapped around her mother’s neck at a funny angle. bbf1a31ac3fc2b1bbcd1cc217bde9862Imgur

This famous Russian statue is notoriously somber. That is until you see it covered in snow and it looks like the seated figure is cuddling a very happy white colored kitty cat. More statues should feature cats, shouldn’t they?Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.56.51 AMTwitter

What can we say? Some fathers just have a very hard time letting go! While that might be true, the real story here is that this girl’s friend is around her shoulder in such a way to perfectly align with her dad’s outstretched arm! 8aaf46644e51eda4963aa72563bbfce6-650x800Imgur

Proms can be pretty scary, but don’t be fooled by this image. The girl in pink is not suffering from a case of demonic possession, she is just wearing a shade of bright white eyeshadow and looking down! Thank goodness,! We were worried we might have to call an exorcist. 0c2bf4857fde427cd7fe485fe9db905fImgur

This photo has the entire Internet baffled! Although facing forwards, it looks like this woman’s feet are on backward. What could be causing the effect? Some speculate that the photo has been edited, while others cite mirrors. Another theory is that the woman is a double amputee who put her shoes on backward for this photoshoot. Whatever the reason, it certainly is a puzzle to consider. Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.56.32 AMTwitter

Some of these optical illusions are real headscratchers! Still, each and every one is just as amusing as they are fun to figure out!

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