Some of the most distinct qualities that separate humans from other animals are our intelligence and complex thinking skills. And while some animals have the ability to create and use tools, you’re probably not going to see a dog operating an iPhone anytime soon!

Yet this doesn’t necessarily mean that animals are as simple as we think they are. Various ape species are incredibly similar to humans in terms of appearance, DNA, intelligence, and even their inventiveness.

Take this orangutan, for example. When she was given a sheet for bedtime, she didn’t just wrap herself up in it and fall asleep. In fact, she made her bed in the best possible way!

This 14-year-old orangutan was relaxing in her enclosure at the zoo where she lived when she was given a sheet for bedtime.


 She didn’t just tuck herself in, however.


She began fumbling with it and looping it through the bars of the enclosure…


What she ends up creating is just brilliant!

Many humans struggle to make their beds, so to watch an orangutan build this comfy contraption all by herself is nothing short of spectacular. Hopefully, after all that hard work, she was able to get a good night’s sleep!

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