Poncho the opossum was just a baby when he was found clinging to the body of his dead mother. His chances of survival were slim, but he was taken to a nearby shelter where he recovered.

But even though Poncho survived the trauma of his ordeal, he was still without a mother to rear him. That’s when the veterinarians at the Rare Species Fund decided to introduce him to someone special.

Poncho the opossum was rescued from the side of a road after his mother was hit by a car. Rescuers managed to keep him alive but he still didn’t have a mother to rear him.


So the vets at the Rare Species Fund introduced Poncho to Hantu, a white German shepherd.


The pair took to each other like they were natural-born mother and son.


Hantu couldn’t go anywhere without Poncho clinging to her back as though she was a mother opossum.


Poncho is all grown up now, and even though he might be a little big to ride on his mom’s back, she doesn’t seem to mind.


Watch these two go for an adorable hike in the woods together!

Awww! Watching these two together just warms my heart so much. He’s like a toddler who’s too big for his stroller but refuses to give it up. Adorable!

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