Anyone you ask can assure you that dinosaurs don’t exist anymore (at least, not in the traditional sense). But one look at this video and you’ll be questioning whether or not that’s really true!

This giant, wrinkly object supposedly came out of an Orpington chicken, which is a kind of English chicken breed. They’re beautiful animals, but at the end of the day, they’re still just birds. That’s why this egg has so many people scratching their heads. It doesn’t look like anything from Earth!

When one woman held a large egg from one of these chickens up to the light, it’s hard to imagine anything like that coming out of a bird. That’s when she cracked it open… and things got weird.

Eggs are a cooking staple for a variety of different cuisines around the world, and they have been for countless generations. They’re full of protein and other nutrients, and they’re extremely versatile whether you’re frying them or baking with them.

While other animals—including birds and even fish—lay eggs that are edible for human consumption, the most popular and recognizable kind of eggs for humans to use as food are undoubtedly those of chickens.

Biswarup Ganguly / Wikimedia Commons

With that in mind, there’s a certain level of predictability for many people that comes from buying, cooking, and eating chicken eggs. There were roughly 5.6 million of them produced in the United States alone in 2013, and it’s hard to imagine that they came with many surprises!

Officially_Mr_X / Wikimedia Commons

The English species known as Orpington chickens, for their part, lay light brown eggs that may seem different than the stark-white eggs that many Americans are used to. Even then, the contents are the same.. usually.

Smudger4 / Wikimedia Commons

This woman couldn’t believe her eyes when she found an egg from a seemingly healthy Orpington chicken. The egg appeared to be abnormally large, and it featured vein-like wrinkles all around it. What could have caused this?

For reference, the woman held up a regular-sized egg to compare to the strange, veiny one. It’s no wonder that she wanted to show her unbelievable discovery to the entire world by sharing the video on YouTube…

The woman walked over to her counter where a plate was prepared for the moment of truth. What would happen when she cracked open the giant egg? Would it be gross? Maybe she would find a baby chicken… or worse?

As soon as the hidden object inside the massive egg started to be revealed, the woman couldn’t help but scream. It’s not that it was scary, necessarily, or even disgusting, but it certainly was strange and surprising.

This was absolutely nuts! Who could have ever guessed that an egg from a seemingly normal chicken could have this hiding inside of it? At least it looked like she could make a delicious, healthy omelet…

You’re definitely not going to want to miss seeing what came out of this gigantic, abnormal egg when the woman cracked it open, especially since that was only the first of many surprises…

Supposedly, this is what happens when an oocyte—the cell that eventually forms the egg’s yolk—gets absorbed by a second egg. Still, how does anyone know that’s not just a monster egg waiting to hatch?

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