The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. It therefore makes a lot of sense that cats should have some sort of mystical power to justify their worship. One such magically-empowered feline calls Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation in Rhode Island home. He has lived there for 7 years and in that time has shown to have a remarkable gift.

Oscar was brought to the nursing home as a kitten. But since then he has accurately predicted the deaths of more than 50 residents.


He has developed the ability to sense death and will enter a patients room and curl up next to them until they pass.


He has yet to be wrong. Sometimes he even curls up next to seemingly healthy residents, only for them to pass soon after.


The residents have come to see Oscar as a comfort in those final moments.


One of the theories used to explain Oscar’s gift revolves around his ability to “smell” death in the form of ketones, or the biochemical given off by dying cells.


Either way, it must be comforting to know you have a friend ready to curl up beside you.

Death Cat

Source: Oddity Central

The residents of the nursing home find comfort in Oscar’s presence. Regardless of how you feel about cats, this little guy’s gift is a remarkable one.

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