It feels like not a day goes by when we don’t come across large, grandiose displays of beauty in nature. From awe-inspiring rainbows to jaw-dropping sunsets, Mother Nature never stops surprising us with her stunning visual effects!

We don’t always need to look to the skies for beauty, either. The ground beneath our feet holds just as many—if not more—incredible treasures. They may not be as visible as a shooting star or a sunset, but certainly they tell us a lot about the planet on which we live.

These 25 rocks and minerals, for instance, are just as beautiful as any setting sun, except they’re a billion times smaller… and some are just plain alien-looking. Take a look!

1. Sunset Fire Opal


Look closely and you can imagine sun-tinged clouds up in the sky.

2. Contra Luz Opal


It looks like there’s a galaxy inside of it, huh?

3. Bismuth


This almost looks futuristic!

4. Opal


The vast majority of the world’s opal comes from Australia, but this rock, known as the Opal Butte opal, was mined in—you guessed it—Opal Butte in Oregon.

5. Amethyst Geode


Can you believe this gemstone is more than twice as tall as these kids?

6. Fossil Opal


This one looks just like a fossilized tree trunk!

7. Lightning Ridge Black Opal


We wouldn’t want to be trapped in this lightning storm!

8. Fluorite


A chip off the old block.

9. Quartz Geode


This almost looks like an egg that’s hatched!

10. Tourmaline Burmese


Imagine this on a ring?

11. Skolsilt


It’s like a pom-pom!

12. Titanium Quartz


This one looks like a glittering chunk of comet or space rock.

13. Crizokolh


It’s kind of like a miniature ice cave.

14. Azurite


The ridges on this stone look like petals on a rose.

15. Watermelon Tourmaline


Not exactly something you want to bite into on a hot summer’s day…

16. Rodocrozit


Doesn’t this remind you of an all-red Rubik’s cube?

17. Rilgr


It’s almost like an abstract painting of a red locomotive racing up a snowy mountaintop! (Or the claw of an abominable snowman clutching the heart of its slain prey.)

18. Uvarorite


What a striking green!

19. Fluorite Quartz Pyrite


What a neat juxtaposition between cool and warm tones…

20. Krokoaiit


We’re picturing coral on the sea floor. What about you?

21. Cobalt Calcite


Purple cotton candy, anyone?

22. Blue Agate Geode


It’s almost like you’re peering into the depths of a cave… or the ocean… or space!

23. Rutile Crystal


This one almost looks like the barrel of a space-age gun from a comic book!

24. Agate Boftzoanh


You might not want to try to peel this onion’s layers…

25. Labrodorite


Nature’s marbles!

Have you ever seen such beautiful gemstones and minerals before? Many of these look like they were made by an artist, while others seem completely unique and alien. Nature sure is surprising!

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