This Panda Daycare Center Is 100% Real, And It’s The Most Adorable Place That Has Ever Existed OMG

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Female pandas do not breed often. In fact, they have just one cub every two to three years. It’s a pretty rare sight in itself to see one baby panda, let alone dozens of them in the same place. And that’s what makes this place so special.

The Chengdu Research Base in China is dedicated to the revitalization of the panda population. It’s basically a giant panda daycare—and it might be the cutest place on the planet.

At the Chengdu Research Base on China, which is devoted to caring for pandas, everyone snoozes together in the nursery.


Once they wake up, the fun begins!


This wonderful facility is dedicated to reviving the world’s dwindling panda population, and it’s truly a magical place.


It’s almost too cute for one person to handle.


These adorable cubs require around-the-clock care.


Here they are being tucked in by scientists. How cute is this?


Napping actually takes up most of the day.


“No! It’s my turn to ride the green horse!”


It’s always nice to see the big kids helping the little ones.


“Yeah, bottle time is my favorite time… right after nap time, that is.”


Why can’t we all be pandas?


This is basically the perfect existence.


Synchronized bottle-drinking is everyday at 3 p.m.


That’s not how you’re supposed to use that, but we respect the creative approach!


“Look, Ma! No hands!”


This is officially the most wonderful place on Earth.


So cute! And so important, too. With any luck, the panda population will one day rebound and even thrive. They should think about opening up a few more of these breeding centers—hopefully ones with visiting hours!

If you fell in love with these little guys, share them with your friends below! You can also find out more about the Chengdu Research Base and donate to the cause.

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