When you’re a parent-to-be you wonder what your future child will look like. Even if you’re happy with however they turn out, who doesn’t love the idea of helping your own personal mini-me grow up into being an awesome adult?

Despite the mystery, given what we know about genes, it’s expected that kids will resembles their parents. (And, you know, if they don’t look like you… well, you might need to have a chat with your partner.)

That said, some kids are the spitting images of their parents—so much so that we’d have trouble distinguishing if we’re really looking at two different people in the first place. Just take a look for yourself…

1. This little girl and her father at her age are basically identical. Now, before you ask, she did not look at this photo of her dad before posing for her own snap. They’re just so similar that making this expression simply runs in their blood.


2. The son’s photo, from 2014, is on the left, while his father is on the right (in 1977). Even if you think that time travel is the stuff of science-fiction, it’s hard to believe that this son isn’t just a really gifted time traveler with a passion for confusing folks with photos like these!


3. Here’s a mom (left) and daughter (right), both when they were four months old. While you could make the argument that all babies look at least a little bit the same, these two are practically spitting images of one another!


4. Here’s a dad on the left and his daughter on the right. Everything about these two is positively identical! Look at those bright brown eyes, sweet curls, and even that toothy grin. The apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree here. 


5. Dad is on the left in 1978, and his son is pictured on the right in 2013. While this son definitely replicated the props in this photo in attempt to mimic his dad’s look from back in the day, the resemblance would be striking even if they weren’t dressed as twins.


6. Celebrities are no exception! Here’s Reese Witherspoon with her daughter, Ava. The funny thing about Ava is that when she’s standing next to her mother she looks like her double, but the same thing can be said when she stands next to her father, Ryan Phillippe.


7. Here’s a grandfather (left) and his granddaughter (right), both at six months. The times might change, but the people certainly don’t! If you need proof, just look at these two. Those sparkling eyes can’t tell a lie.


8. Mom is pictured on the left in 1980, and her daughter is on the right in 2014. While this little girl may have been copying her mother’s pose, there’s no denying that fact that the long hair and sidelong look make them dead ringers for one another.


9. Dad is pictured on the left, and his son is on the right. Can you handle the resemblance between this father-and-son duo? It’s strong enough to keep you totally distracted from staring at the terrible wallpaper hanging up behind both of them.


10. Here’s actress Blythe Danner (left) and her daughter, actress Gwyneth Paltrow. While some might argue that Gwyneth and her mother aren’t identical here, the similarities between the two women with their lanky, California-blonde looks are striking.


11. Here’s Mom on the left and her daughter on the right. They look similar, but there are a couple of big differences. The daughter seems to have yet to manage how to keep her hair nice and slick—and she’s got much softer, more pinch-able cheeks.


12. Here’s a daughter in the third grade (left) with a photo of her mom in the second grade (right). While the style of clothing and the way the school portraits are taken might have changed a bunch, this daughter looks so much like her mom that it’s spooky.


13. Here’s a father and his son—both members of the Air Force—with their respective sons. Believe it or not, the second photo wasn’t even a deliberate recreation! It’s something that happened spontaneously when this man returned from service to see his family.

15-indentical-relativesABC News

14. Here’s Kate Moss and her daughter, Lila Grace Moss. It’s no surprise that someone as stunning as British model Kate would have a daughter who is also totally beautiful. What is striking is how much she looks like her mother!


15. Here are photos of a father (left) and his son (right), both at age 25. While the son’s photo might be a little distracting—how can you not look at the adorable pup in his arms?—once you manage to focus, the resemblance is pretty darn near uncanny.


16. Here’s another famous duo: Brad Pitt and John (formerly Shiloh) Jolie-Pitt. You might not think that John and his dad look a lot alike, but check out this photograph of Brad in his youth (left), and try and convince yourself it’s not the same person.


17. A mom and her daughter, taken 25 years apart, are spitting images of each other. Everything about this photograph is wonderfully uncanny. From the identical faces, to the oversized spectacles and giant sweaters, these two women don’t just look alike; they live alike!


18. Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia (far left), are seen here hanging out with Mario Lopez. If you looked at Cindy’s daughter and yelped with shock because of just how much she looks like her model mom, you certainly aren’t alone.

20-indentical-relativesWoman’s Day

19. Here’s another mom and daughter pair—41 years apart. They claim that these two photos are of totally different people taken decades apart, but it wouldn’t be surprising at all if this was revealed to be another prank practiced by a time traveler.


DNA sure is a heck of thing! Some of these people must really feel like they’re looking in the mirror when they’re home.

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