The invention of the GoPro has brought all sorts of amazing point-of-view videos into our lives. Just strapping on one of these tiny cameras to an extreme sports star lets the world join in as they backflip over a gorge or parachute through a canyon. Its uses are seemingly endless.

But what happens when you strap a GoPro to a toddler before a game of hide-and-seek? As you can imagine, it’s nothing short of amazing.

These creative parents decided to find out, and what they discovered was too adorable for words!

It seems like you can’t browse the Internet nowadays without seeing at least one point-of-view GoPro video. These small cameras have captured all sorts of amazing experiences, from skydiving to mountain climbing, that most people can’t experience firsthand. But when one couple picked up one of these recorders, they decided to put it to use in a very creative way.

The couple often played with their toddler, but his absolute favorite pastime was the classic childhood game of hide-and-seek. One evening, the couple decided to attach a GoPro to their little one so they could see every move he made while he looked for them. Needless to say, the resulting footage was hilarious! He started his search in their walk-in closet…

After looking through the clothing and closet doors, he then moved on to their bedroom, assuming that they would be in the place that they spent a significant amount of their time. But, as he eased open the door, it became clear that they weren’t in there…

The toddler entered their room, and after a brief peek under the bed, he headed straight for the master bathroom. This had to be where they were hiding! The child slowly crept toward the open door, fully convinced he would see his smiling mom and dad on the other side.

He slowly peered into the bathroom, but to his disappointment, his parents were nowhere to be found! He checked the linen closet and opened all the cabinets, just in case. Hmm, he would need to keep searching.

Next, he decided to check the laundry room. Surely he’d find one of them in there. He always saw his mom putting loads of clothing into the washing machine, and he figured it would have been a perfect place for her to hide. But, still, there was no sign of either of them.

By now, the toddler was slightly confused. He had checked their bedroom, the laundry room, and their huge walk-in closet. However, he wasn’t going to give up that easily. This was his favorite game, and he was going to prove to both of his parents that he was just as good at seeking as he was at hiding!

As he was planning his next move, the family dog, Ollie, came bounding up the stairs. He seemed excited about something. The dog pushed his way into the toddler’s playroom as if he was looking for something himself. What could it have been?

The child opened the door and scanned the room carefully. Nothing seemed fishy about it at first. But Ollie seemed to be looking at the closet with interest. Could his parents actually be hiding in his favorite room of the house?

Did the toddler eventually find his parents? Watch the entire GoPro video below to see what it’s like inside the mind of a child while he excitedly runs around his home! It goes to show you that you don’t need to watch an extreme sport to enjoy this kind of first-person footage…

What an amazing reaction! And Ollie’s participation was incredible. That’s teamwork right there!

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