Every individual has their own idea of what makes someone a hero. Typically, we lend this term to people who rescue others from danger. Usually, we think of police and firefighters as the most courageous people in the community because bravery is a necessary part of the job.

There are, however, countless ways to be a hero, and you don’t have to have a dangerous job to save the lives of those around you… In fact, you don’t even have to have a job at all! One little girl is proving that anyone can make a difference in the world, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.

A’Layah, a kindergartner from Sulpher, Oklahoma, puts others before herself. When her hometown was recently ravaged by a tornado, she took action to help her fellow citizens. A’Layah’s story is a testament to the power of kindness, and her dedication to paying it forward inspired the entire town to join her cause…

A’Layah’s life began in foster care, after she was born to a mother who’d been addicted to drugs. She was eventually adopted by Misty Robinson and found stability for the first time in her young life. A’Layah settled into the family beautifully, and she was a happy child, ready to take on the world.


Like many children, A’Layah had a wish list of toys and games. She’d started saving her own money to buy a Barbie jeep when a tornado swept through her family’s town of Sulphur, Oklahoma and destroyed many people’s homes.


When A’Layah learned what happened to the people and families she knew, she decided to donate all of her savings to help them, and that was just the beginning of her efforts. She began her own charity organization, a lemonade stand, to raise funds for children in foster care. And so, Lemonade for Love took off…


The organization garnered a great deal of praise from the community and many of A’Layah’s fellow citizens volunteered to help through Lemonade for Love. All of the money the organization raised was put toward purchasing yellow bags filled with essential items for hundreds of children whose families were affected by the tornado. Lemonade for Love provided them with hygiene products, blankets, toys, and more.


In recognition of her efforts, A’Layah was interviewed by news outlets, and even her school got involved with the cause. Just wait until you see her reaction to being honored by her teachers…

What a selfless thing for someone to do, especially a young child. Hopefully A’Layah inspires other people to always pay it forward!

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