Montreal, Canada native Myriam Ducre-Lemay began dating a new boyfriend, and one evening she agreed to attend a party with him. The couple had a good time, and then at the end of the night, Myriam’s boyfriend drove her back to her place.

When they arrived back at Myriam’s, the two shared a goodnight kiss, but what should have been a happy, romantic moment quickly took a turn for the tragic…

20-year-old Myriam Ducre-Lemay from Montreal, Canada was thrilled to be dating her new boyfriend, and one night she tagged along with him to party.

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The couple had a fun time, and at the end of the night Myriam’s boyfriend agreed to drive her home. Fatefully, he grabbed a snack before they left…

At her house, Myriam’s boyfriend kissed her goodnight, but soon after he did, things turned tragic…

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Her boyfriend had eaten a peanut butter sandwich before taking her home, and unbeknownst to him, Myriam had a peanut allergy. His kiss quickly sent her into anaphylactic shock, and she didn’t have her EpiPen with her…

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The couple called emergency services and tried to use her asthma inhaler to open up her throat. Sadly, it did nothing to help her, and Myriam died en route to the hospital.

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Myriam’s mother now shares her daughter’s story to emphasize how important it is for those suffering from severe allergies to always carry their EpiPen with them, and to stress that there’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed about revealing one’s allergies to everyone in your life.

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What a tragic turn of events. It’s very noble that Miriam’s mother has found a way to turn this horrible experience into something that will likely help others suffering from severe allergies.

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