Domesticating wild animals—and keeping them as pets—has always been a contentious subject. Dogs and cats have been bred for generations in order to cultivate favorable (and human-friendly) traits. While many wild animals may seem docile enough as babies, their instinctive behavior will inevitably reveal itself once they grow up.

Nevertheless, some animal lovers—like Pennsylvania’s Angela Lance—raise wild animals in such a way that they become domesticated.

The only twist? Angela’s pet is not one that you’d expect. Some might even consider it highly dangerous…

Pennsylvania’s Angela Lance, 44, is the loving owner of a four-foot-long alligator named LillyGator, who, despite being a wild animal, is Angela’s pride and joy.

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Angela bought Lilly as a hatchling at 2-and-a-half days old, and they have been inseparable ever since.

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In an interview, Angela describes Lilly as “the most pampered gator in the world.” She loves to dress her up, admitting that she is “definitely spoiled.”

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Lilly may grow to be 12 to 15 feet long, but Angela plans to keep her pet alligator forever.

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“In my opinion,” Angela says, “Lilly does have a better life with me than she would have if she were just wandering around in the wild.”

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“There are no predators here,” she continues. “She has a constant source of food and while others may disagree with me she gets a lot of attention and affection and I really think she likes that.”

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Angela’s boyfriend has different feelings about Lilly. Angela says he “probably thinks I’m a little bit nuts for doing it but he totally understands. He doesn’t want to hold her but he does respect that I have her.”

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She is usually comfortable around people, but just to be safe, Angela takes precautions to make sure Lilly doesn’t accidentally injure anyone.

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Says Angela, “Dressing her up and painting her nails is more fun for me. It makes her seem less intimidating. I am not sure there are other gators that are getting foot massages and manicures and seem to enjoy it.”

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Although her neighbors aren’t thrilled about living next to a gator, Angela says they respect her advocacy for keeping alligators as pets.

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Angela also discourages people from taking on the responsibility too hastily. She tries to let people know how much goes into caring for Lilly.

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“I am definitely very passionate about the fact that people shouldn’t buy them without the understanding and realization of the amount of work and money and time they take,” she says. “It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a serious investment.”

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“At her age, if she were to bite, it would definitely crush the bones in your hand,” Angela explains.

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Angela’s father often asks her to send pictures of his “grandgator” while he is having dinner with colleagues. She says, “He loves showing her off in her little outfits.”
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When the weather is good, Angela even takes Lilly out for walks.

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“I get some crazy reactions when I have her outside,” Angela says. “Obviously, people are afraid if they hear her hissing.”

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Lilly models for postcards, keychains, and notebooks, and all of the proceeds go to alligator rescue facilities.

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Meet this stylish gator and her loving owner below. Just watch how she rocks that sweater!

LillyGator certainly seems like a very happy gal. She may grow out of her sweater collection, but Angela seems convinced that she will never grow out of her pampered lifestyle.

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