22 Objects That Appear To Have Been Reincarnated From Living Things

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Have you ever looked up at the clouds in the sky and noticed that their formation appeared similar to the shape of an elephant? Or maybe the burned parts of your breakfast toast resembled a human face?

Using your imagination to find hidden images within normal everyday settings is always entertaining. Sometimes, it requires an incredibly imaginative mind to see them, but once you do, it’s amusing—and you can’t unsee them.

Here are 22 photos of everyday inanimate objects that, when using a little creativity, appear to be something else entirely. Some of them are so cool!

1. At first glance, this is simply an overhead lamp used by dentists to help them see clearly inside their patients’ mouths. If you look closely, however, you’ll notice that the shape of the metal closely resembles a water buffalo!


2. You might have heard of the play The Iceman Cometh, but this strange icicle formation looks like the Iceman is already here! You can almost picture his loose clothing blowing in the frigid breeze as he stands alone in the corner.

3. You might have thought that dragons only lived in the pages of fantasy books like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, but this picture proves that you can find them by simply taking a stroll through nature! Thankfully, this one looks friendly enough.


4. Clouds form all sorts of shapes over the course of a day, and if you look up at the sky at just the right moment, you can see a lot of breathtaking scenes. These particular clouds came together to create the shape of a whale swimming over the top of this apartment complex!


5. When you first look at this picture, the only thing you probably see is an oddly shaped cactus. A closer look, however, reveals a person trying to climb up the side of the rock-face. Even the cacti are trying to escape the stifling desert heat!


6. Finding a fly in your food or glass of water is one of the grossest things that can happen while you’re trying to enjoy a meal. Finding the perfect shape of a fly in the grapefruit pulp in your glass, however, is pretty cool-looking.


7.  From their beautiful scents to their vibrant colors, flowers are some of the most lovely aspects of nature. How could you possibly make them any better, you ask? Why, make the petals look like monkey faces, of course!


8. You don’t have to visit Africa to see an elephant as long as you find your way to this cliff. We all know that elephants are some of the biggest animals on the planet, but this particular pachyderm-like formation takes things to a whole new level.


9. Just like the previous flower picture, here is another vibrant flower that resembles an animal we’re all familiar with. Can you see it? It’s a duck! It looks like it’s spreading its wings and is about to take flight into the sky above.


10. Here is another picture of clouds. This time, instead of forming the shape of a whale, you can make out a person’s face! The disembodied head is slowly floating its way across the sky with its mouth wide open as if it’s calling out to the world below.


11. You might think that this wooden plank is no different from any other piece of wood, but look carefully. With just a little bit of imagination, you can make out the face of a polar bear who has two black eyes, a black nose, and a sly grin to boot.

12. The berries that this person found look strangely like a certain female body part. We’d tell you to get your mind out of the gutter, but it’s nearly impossible not to agree! They’re not blueberries; they’re boob-erries! (Ugh. We’ll be here all week.)


13. Over time, trees can grow in all sorts of gnarled shapes. This might look like an ordinary trunk at first glance, but if you stare at it for long enough, you can make out the face of a rabbit. He looks like he wants to hop right off the tree!


14. It’s hard to imagine being able to decipher any sort of shape on something as small as a grape, but this picture tells a different story. Some people might see a defect in the skin, but others would see a giraffe prancing across the surface of the fruit.


15. Cats love to perch themselves on top of high places and watch over all the action that’s happening below. It’s not hard to imagine this shadow as a feline resting above the sill of this open window. Its ears are perked up and it’s letting the cool breeze flow over its fur.


16. This Ford steering wheel looks no different than most others, but if you tap into your creative juices, you can see that it also looks like the video game character Yoshi! Do you think this is the same steering wheel he uses for his Mario Kart races?

17. If you ever find yourself wanting to stare into the face of an angry baboon, just take a peek inside any janitorial closet and grab a mop! This mop head easily resembles long flowing hair, and the plastic attachment looks just like two glaring eyes.

18. Here’s a pretty neat accidental work of wood art. Separately, the four dark markings don’t spur much thought, but if you look at them all together, you can make out the face of a gentle farm animal you’ve seen before: a cow!

19. Can you guess what small woodland animal this tiny piece of metal looks like? The pointed ends might give it away; it’s a fox! Its eyes are wide open, and it even looks like it has whiskers coming out of the side of its “nose.”


20. By now, you probably aren’t surprised that another wooden image made its way onto this list. Can you tell what it is? This one isn’t easy, but if you examine it carefully, you can make out the body and head of a Siamese cat!


21. This pepper might seem misshapen to some people, but if you hold it at an angle, you realize that it’s the head of an angry toad! The pepper’s green color makes it even easier to picture the amphibian. Thankfully, this one doesn’t croak!

22. Car windshields get all sorts of nicks and chips in them from debris on the road. This driver was probably upset when they initially noticed their window’s chip, but when they took a closer look, they knew they needed to snap a picture of its birdlike resemblance.


These pictures are so imaginative! Try to use your creativity and find your own—but don’t forget to snap a picture when you do.

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