Most of us have told a crazy story or two that warranted some pretty strange looks from friends; they probably told you that you were full of it, or that you were spinning some unbelievable tale just for the sake of a few laughs. But on the rare occasion that we can actually back our words up, the proof that we provide is sometimes more outrageous than the story.

This was no doubt the case with these 20 photos, as the scenes they depict are almost too ridiculous to believe. Get your cameras ready, because after seeing the kinds of shocking things people have captured on film, you won’t want to miss the chance to back up a crazy story of your own.

1. Mount Doze-more: They say life imitates art, but it takes a special kind of figure to capture the essence of such a gorgeous landscape. Let’s just hope the photographer remembered to wake him up before the tide rolled in. 

MobileTechGuy / Reddit

2. Furry-Go-Round: Cats like to have fun too, but with no humans around it looks like these clever felines took matters into their own hands. Next up on their list: find a way to take the neighbor’s car out for a joyride…

WildMartenInTheGooseberries / Imgur

3. A Double Rainbow: Those who haven’t been lucky enough to spot a double rainbow can head on down to exit 15 to officially check this sight off their bucket list. True, the real thing is much cooler, but technically your friends can’t call you a liar for claiming to have seen one.

WKBX / Reddit

4. Childhood Idol: Rumor has it that in order to get a job at Hasbro, you have to pay tribute to their leader, the Great Spud himself. Hopefully, this guy is also praying that Toy Story 4 lives up to its lofty expectations. 

kevink856 / Reddit

5. An Adorable Hitchhiker: Urban legends like that of “The Hookman” have made most people wary of picking up hitchhikers, but it’s safe to say you’re in no danger with this little guy aboard. Sure, he probably won’t give you any gas money, but if you need a clam or oyster opened, he’s your man.

lost-in-usa / Reddit

6. Improvising: When this guy’s car radio broke, he put his years of recorder lessons to good use. And for those wondering at home: yes, he’s totally playing “Hot Cross Buns”.

schottsic / Reddit

7. Pink is the New Green: This grasshopper is years ahead of the curve, having ditched her boring old green coat for a bright shade of pink. The other grasshoppers will probably call her crazy, but they said the same thing about Picasso. 

MC4204 / Reddit

8. Long-Distance Fetch: For those frequent flyers that don’t have time to play fetch with their dogs, this airline has come up with a brilliant solution. Simply bring the tastiest stick you can find to the baggage check, and a flight attendant will personally toss it out the plane for your dog to catch below.

future_lard / Reddit

9. The Definition of “Irony”: Locking your keys in the car is no doubt embarrassing, but imagine how foolish this AAA driver must’ve felt after accidentally locking his own keys out of reach. You can be sure his buddies back at the office will never let him live this one down.

potatoboy221 / Reddit

10. Over Troubled Water: On this particularly beautiful summer’s day, 98-year-old Greta Higgenbottom brushed the dust off her 1934 Schwinn and left the house for the first time in 40 years. Apparently, however, Greta forgot the bridge near her home was actually a drawbridge…

Pidiotpong / Reddit

11. Oh Deer: This doe was just practicing her routine for the upcoming Ice Capades revival when someone snapped this photo of her misstep on the pirouette. It seems not even the superstars of the animal world can escape the paparazzi!

joebediah / Reddit

12. I Am the One Who Drives: It looks like Walter White’s attempt to escape the public eye has backfired, as he was recently spotted working as a bus driver in the small town of Heisenberg. Let’s just hope he’s not keeping any Blue Sky on the bus.

OthelloMon / Reddit

13. Will Work for Swords: Conan the Barbarian doesn’t seem to be taking unemployment too well, having recently been sighted in downtown Cleveland straddling two horses. He may not have the flash of today’s Marvel superheroes, but let’s see someone else make parking illegally look so good. 

dromoe / Reddit

14. Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird: Most would think you were crazy if you claimed to see such a striking bird, but luckily this photographer snapped a photo of it just after it flew down from a rainbow. Unfortunately, this bird did not bring any Skittles along with him.

chesterpoops / Reddit

15. Tow Way: How many tows could a tow truck tow if a tow truck could tow tows? Either this is the worst case of bad luck the world has ever seen, or this is some kind of new ploy by the Decepticons to finally steal the Earth from the Autobots. 

noathings / Imgur

16. The Best of Both Worlds: This man has done it: he’s successfully invented the mullet of the pants world. Using patented pull-away Velcro technology, these stylish Jants™ can transform even the most uptight business executive into an undisputed jeans man.

TheNakedAnt / Reddit

17. Mistaken Identity: Imagine the surprise on this photographer’s face when she noticed that a certain 45th president was casually lounging in her living room. Now, imagine her surprise when she realized it was actually just her husband sitting with an ice pack on his head.

cdnchef / Reddit

18. Not-So-Amphibious Vehicle: Today’s cars may look like submarines, but try driving one underwater and you’ll find yourself carpooling the kids on the handlebars of a 10-speed bike. On the bright side, this guy finally has an excuse to not use the pool he probably already never goes in.

jalogan1 / Reddit

19. The Nose-Picker 5000: For those too lazy to do it themselves, this bird is offering expert nose pickings free of charge. No schnoz is too big, no nostril too small: the Nose-Picker 5000 will take care of it all!

VanGoghingSomewhere / Reddit

20. Yellow Ice: Having to scrap the ice off of your car before you head out to face another day at the office might be a hassle, but hey, at least you’re not the owner of this toilet who has a whole other case of deep freeze to deal with! 

JTCMuehlenkamp / Reddit