Even from our viewpoint down here on the ground, we know that we live on a stunningly beautiful and infinitely diverse planet. Still, there are some views that the average human simply can’t reach.

That’s where the work of photographer Alex MacLean comes in handy. In addition to his picture-taking acumen, Alex is also a pilot, and he uses these skills to capture unbelievable photos of our world from above—just by sticking his camera out the window. The results are simply amazing.

1. Flamingos taking off.

01-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

2. A waterpark in Ocean City, MD.

02-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

3. A wave pool.

03-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

4. Floating docks.

04-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

5. A parking lot at a race track.

05-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

6. Surfers at Sunset Beach in Hawaii.

06-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

7. Shipping containers.

07-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

8. Coal trains all loaded up.

08-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

9. Logging rafts in Olympia, WA.

09-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

10. An interchange in New Mexico.

10-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

11. Magenta water currents.

11-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

12. A solar farm.

12-alex-maclean-photos1Alex MacLean

13. The trail left by a snowblower.

13-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

14. A farm in Arizona.

14-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

15. Snake River Valley irrigation systems.

15-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

16. Wheat fields.

16-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

17. Grain fields in Vermont.

17-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

18. Newly packed cars in Emden, Germany.

18-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

19. Trees in a parking lot.

19-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

20. Boats at a dock.

20-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

21. Houses in a new development.

21-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

22. A volleyball game played on a sandbank in Hawaii.

22-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

23. Sunbathing beside a swimming pool.

23-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

24. People sunbathing in Italy.

24-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

25. Decommissioned B1 bombers in Arizona.

25-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

26. United States strip mines.

26-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

27. A tarp covered with cement blocks.

27-alex-maclean-photosAlex MacLean

It really is remarkable how beautiful even something as mundane as a tarp can look from above. Taking pictures with an iPhone just doesn’t have the same appeal!

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