For seven decades, Peggy Harris tried to get on with her life. She’d worked each and every day to get over the disappearance of her beloved husband, Billie.

Their love story began in 1944 when Peggy, who lived in Vernon, Texas, first met a 22-year-old Billie. Not long after they first met, the two lovebirds were married. A few weeks after their big day, however, Billie was shipped off to Europe to fight in the Second World War.

That was the last Peggy would ever hear from him. That is, until 70 years later, when she had a bittersweet breakthrough.

In 1944, Peggy and Billie Harris were married in their hometown of Vernon, Texas. Tragically, they spent only a few short weeks together before Billie, a fighter pilot, was sent to Europe to fight in World War II.


Billie never came home from Europe. In fact, he disappeared days after arriving to fight. Peggy was devastated, but she didn’t want to give up hope. With no confirmation of his death, she clung to the belief that he was still out there.


Nearly 70 years later, one of Peggy’s relatives was searching into Billie’s military records when they discovered the truth: Six weeks after their marriage, Billie’s plane had been shot down over Normandy and crashed outside the town of Les Ventes. The remarkable thing, however, was that Billie died a hero, and has been honored accordingly.


The residents of Les Ventes claim that Billie, as his plane came crashing down, did everything he could to avoid hitting their town and killing the people living there. They were so indebted to him that they even named a street after him!


But it’s who Peggy meets at Les Ventes that reduces her to tears…

That ending sure tugs at the ol’ heartstrings, huh? It’s heartbreaking that Peggy had to wait so long to find closure, but it looks like she’s made some incredible friends—all thanks to Billie’s amazing bravery.

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