Nature is amazing, isn’t it? Just when you think you know what “normal” is, it throws you a curve ball. Nothing is really what it seems.

This odd little fruit is a great example. At first it appears to be a normal apple, but when you take a bite you get something you could never have imagined.

They’re called pink pearl apples, and they’re like fruit from another world.


Developed in 1944 by Albert Etter, pink pearl apples are known for their uniquely beautiful red-colored flesh.


These positively delicious apples are typically found only in California.

03-pink-pearl-applesJolly Tomato

Their flavor has been described as tart and sweet to perfection.

04-pink-pearl-applesReal Food Co

They typically ripen between late August to mid-September, so get ready to be on the lookout!

05-pink-pearl-applesEating Niagara

They add a really lovely visual touch to the traditional apple pie recipe.

06-pink-pearl-applesBojon Gourmet

I’ll take 12, please.

07-pink-pearl-applesGarden Web

Who else wants one?


I really thought I was pretty well-versed in the world of apples, but you see something new every day. I just can’t wait to try one for myself. It’s like fruit from a fantasy world!

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