Riding a dirt bike out in the country is, for anyone who’s ever been fortunate enough to try it, a complete and total blast. Who wouldn’t want to take one for a spin out in a huge field or down a hillside path?

One experienced rider in California, who goes by OnTo1Wheel on YouTube, was doing just that back in 2015 when he happened upon something strange in the Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area. While swerving to avoid it, he noticed that it was a helmet in the middle of his path.

When he looked up, however, he immediately slammed on the brakes. That’s when his rescue mission began…

While riding along a path in California’s Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area, YouTube user OnTo1Wheel noticed something strange.


In the middle of the road was a helmet. After avoiding it, he stopped his bike and glanced up. That’s when he saw something terrifying.


A man was trapped on the side of the hill, beneath his 4×4… and he need help right away.

Evidently, the man had been up there for about five minutes, and he was lucky that the 4×4 landed where it did, and not on his chest or head. Even luckier was that someone was riding by and just happened to see his helmet in time!

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