When two angry pit bulls broke loose in Oklahoma, the El Reno police feared they would have to resort to extreme force to get the situation under control. Animal control emergencies like these posed unique challenges. After all, you can’t communicate or reason with dogs

Luckily, the El Reno force had one man who was perfect for the job. Drawing upon skills learned from a storied career, he kept his cool and addressed the situation in a highly creative way — and he’s not the only hero with an out-of-the-box animal solution, either…

When Oklahoma police officer Storm Barrett encountered two angry pit bulls loose in a busy area, he understood he had to act quickly if he wanted to contain the situation.

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The negligent dog owner somehow let his canines off of his property, and he was nowhere to be seen. Even worse, the pit bulls were running rampant near a school.

Officer Storm was worried the dogs would go after students once school let out, so he realized the safest option was to keep the pit bulls distracted and as far away from the school as possible.

As luck would have it, Storm was a dog handler himself. He knew from experience how to communicate with canines and grab their attention, so he came up with an ingenious way to draw the dogs toward him.

Rather than using force to incapacitate the pits, Officer Barrett hopped on the hood of his cruiser, pulling up a scared bystander with him. Then, he brandished his trusty baton — but not for violent purposes.

Officer Barrett whipped out his police baton and waved it toward them to hold their focus while he radioed to animal control. Ten minutes later, the dogs were captured. Incredibly, the whole situation went down without the dogs being harmed in any way!

 The only party in the incident who suffered at all was the owner. Storm and his fellow officers slapped him with a citation for letting his vicious dogs get loose.

His quick thinking is similar to that of another officer who came face to face with violent dogs. In 2017, Idaho policeman David Gomez responded to a call about two angry dogs on the loose in a residential neighborhood.

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When he arrived on the scene, he calmly instructed families to stay inside while he approached the dogs. With animal control still miles away, Gomez had to handle the situation on his own.

Then, waving his baton to keep the dogs focused on him, he directed the rowdy pair toward his police car and managed to coax them into the back seat of the cruiser. 

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Then, he just shut the door and waited for animal control to come. Officer Gomez, too, managed to take care of a tricky animal situation without getting anywhere close to using his weapon!


Of course, most pit bulls aren’t dangerous — they’re just like any other dog. A select few of them have even gone to unbelievable lengths to keep their owners safe in the face of incredible danger.

When Nana Chaichanhda of Stockton, California brought a baby pit bull named Sasha into her home, she initially had reservations. With her seven-month-old daughter Masailah also in the house, Nana was nervous about how the dog would behave around her baby girl.

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But Nana was convinced that, with the proper training, Sasha would grow to be the perfect playmate for Masailah. As it turns out, Nana’s intuition was completely right.

With each passing day, the bond between Sasha and Masailah grew until the two became inseparable. In fact, Sasha was so protective of Masailah that the dog wouldn’t even let her take a bubble bath alone!

Now that Sasha had officially become part of the family, it wasn’t uncommon to find her snuggled up in bed alongside Nana and Masailah. But one fateful night, Nana decided to do things differently…

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On June 6, 2018, Nana decided to let Sasha sleep outside in the backyard. Being that it was a warm summer’s night, Nana figured that the dog would enjoy getting out of the stuffy apartment and into the fresh air.

Soon after putting Sasha outside, Nana took Masailah to their bedroom and the pair was asleep within minutes. But it wasn’t long before Nana was stirred awake by an unexpected sound: a dog barking. 

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At first, Nana wrote off the barking as that of a neighbor’s dog. After all, Sasha had never been one to bark, especially as loud as the dog outside.  

 But as the frantic barking continued, Nana knew that something was wrong. She hurried downstairs and threw open the back door, where her fears were confirmed.

 Even when she was back inside the house, Sasha still wouldn’t calm down. It was like she was desperate to get Nana’s attention at all costs! When that didn’t work, Sasha tried another tactic…

Suddenly, the dog made a mad dash for the upstairs bedroom where Masailah was still sleeping. But before Nana could chase after her, the sight of something outside stopped her in her tracks.

To Nana’s horror, large flames were spewing out of the apartment complex next door. Worse yet, the blaze was quickly spreading toward her own unit!

Before she could even think, the fire had now reached her apartment complex and was growing rapidly. With only moments to spare, Nana rushed upstairs to save Sasha and Masailah.

When she reached the bedroom, Nana was stunned at what she found. Not only was Sasha completely calm in the face of such great danger, but she was trying to save Masailah as well!

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Gripping the infant by her diaper, Sasha had managed to pull Masailah out of her crib and was carefully trying to drag her out of the room. Nana grabbed Sasha and the baby and dashed out of the apartment.


As soon as Nana and her family had safely left the building, she called 911. The fire department arrived within minutes, and after rescuing the remaining tenants in the apartment complex, they began fighting the massive fire.


It took several hours for firefighters to completely extinguish the blaze, but when the smoke finally cleared, the tenants were relieved to find that many of the units hadn’t suffered severe damage. However, the same couldn’t be said for Nana.

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Because Nana’s apartment had been so close to the initial fire, her entire unit, and everything in it, was destroyed. With their home and their possessions lost, Nana and her family were forced to move in with her aunt. But that’s not all…

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Nana’s aunt’s apartment building didn’t allow pets, so Sasha had to be separated from Masailah and kept with another family member. Even though Nana brings Masailah to visit often, it’s clear that Sasha really misses her best friend.

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Since the fire, a GoFundMe campaign was started in order to help Nana and her family rebuild their lives. They’re still trying to pick up the pieces of what they once had, but Nana knows that without Sasha, she and Masailah wouldn’t be here today.

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“Without her, we probably would’ve never made it out,” Nana said of her heroic dog. “I owe Sasha my life… she saved us all. She is our hero.”

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