Pizza is, by far, one of the most popular foods in the world. There’s an almost unlimited amount of toppings you can add, and the combination of tangy tomato sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese, and fluffy dough is a perfect pairing.

There are hundreds upon thousands of pizzerias all over the world, and each one usually has a specialty pie that’s unique to their location. But it’s safe to say that no one serves up pizza quite as original as Pizzaria Batepapo in Guarujá, Brazil.

So, what exactly is owner Roberto Dos Santos doing that’s so different? Just take a look…

Ask anyone to name their favorite food, and more often than not you’ll hear “pizza.” Why’s that, you ask? Because it’s universally delicious, of course! With its doughy crust, gobs of cheese, and an unlimited amount of toppings, it’s no wonder why food lovers everywhere say “That’s amore!” when it comes to pizza. Now, one pizzeria in Brazil is taking its pies to the next level.

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Pizzaria Batepapo is located in Guarujá, Brazil, and it’s quickly making a name for itself as one of the most unique parlors in the world. With just one look at its menu, it’s not hard to see why. Owner Roberto Dos Santos really has a “no-holds barred” attitude when it comes to his food!

Pizzaria Batepapo first became popular when Dos Santos placed an entire roasted chicken in the middle of a pizza one day. He posted a photo of it online, and it quickly went viral. People just couldn’t believe how outrageous the entire thing looked.

He figured if he started making all of his pizzas just as outlandish, he could establish a following—and reach a much larger customer base. Well, it worked perfectly! Now, millions of people have seen and shared his photos online.

Check out this one! There aren’t too many beverages that pair better with pizza than beer. This pie has one included so you don’t need to order drinks separately. You’d better hope that if you order delivery, the beer’s still cold once it gets to your house!

Not only is this slice the size of a dinner table, but it’s topped with bananas. Yes, you read that correctly. While you’d naturally think this is one combo you wouldn’t want to touch, the savory and sweet flavors contrast nicely. At least it’s one way to convince your kids to eat more fruit, huh?

Some of Dos Santos’s toppings are just plain silly. Hard-boiled eggs are a tasty, albeit unusual, topping for a pie, but do you really need an entire carton in case you run out? Then again, some people opt to see the positive: not only do you get a yummy pie with a ton of great toppings, but you now have the materials needed for breakfast the next morning!

Here, Dos Santos picks up one of his more monstrous creations. Not only would a pie like this feed an entire house full of people (Super Bowl party, anyone?), but it looks like it covers every course possible: salad, entrées, and even dessert!

Speaking of dessert, here’s another all-in-one pie that should satisfy all sorts of diners. You’ve got pizza, fried chicken, pork, a side of rice, and—naturally—a full chocolate cake with sweet icing right in the middle. While it might not look like a traditional pizza, there’s no denying how convenient it is.

This pizza is a carb-lovers dream come true. The pizza acts like a serving dish for food like pasta and beans. Dos Santos even prepared a salad with sliced tomatoes in the middle. (Mom always said to eat your roughage, right?) You might want to make sure you sign up for a gym membership after you indulge in this hearty dish.

Looking for a unique way to tell your significant other how you feel about them? Dos Santos even makes special pies with heart-shaped chocolate centers so your loved ones know exactly how much you care. All you need is a bottle of wine and you’ve got date night in the bag!

Feeling down? Order yourself a smiley-face pizza to lighten the mood! As soon as you see this hit the table, it’ll be impossible to stay upset. Of course, happy customers means more business for Dos Santos, and he’s more than willing to accommodate those who need a little pick-me-up.

As if you couldn’t get enough photos of fruit in the middle of a pizza, here’s one that seems to defy gravity. Dos Santos seems to be reminding customers that, as much as they love to indulge in pizza, they also need to balance their diet with some healthy options. Juicy watermelon is one way to cleanse your palate!

It looks like an entire banana tree was chopped down and replanted in the middle of this delicious pie. Make sure your hands are ready to do some serious peeling, because none of these come ready to eat.

Whoever ordered this must have the appetite of a giant! Can you even imagine how many servings you can get from this slice? Better yet: do they even make takeout boxes big enough? It would take an entire team of people to carry this out. Don’t forget to tip your delivery guy!

Here’s a pie that’s fit for a panda. While the bamboo in the middle likely can’t be consumed (and, honestly, would you want to?), this is a pretty nifty way to turn your meal into its own centerpiece. You barely need to decorate the dinner table with this thing!

Just when you think you’re getting a normal pie, Dos Santos throws you a curveball… in the form of an entire melon on top of your pizza. Go ahead, enjoy your pizza. Then, grab a carving knife eat the centerpiece for a refreshing dessert!

This pizza looks a little… corny. Corn on pizza actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all, except for the fact that this corn comes directly on the cob. If you happen to order this pizza, just make sure you bring your cob holders.

Even though his creations are over-the-top, everyone seems to love what Dos Santos is serving up in Brazil. If you happen to find yourself roaming the streets of Guarujá, stop in, say hi, and grab yourself one of the most unique pizzas you’ll ever eat!

Dos Santos’s pizzeria is only becoming more popular every day. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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