There are lots of things that flight attendants don’t talk about to passengers. For instance, they can open the bathroom doors from the outside, but they would never tell you that! Also, a plane can technically run on one engine, and the crew has a way of putting out engine fires in the air. Terrifying (and cool), huh? Some of the things flight attendants keep from us are secrets for a reason.

There’s a special reason why flight attendants ask passengers to open their window shades during landing—and it’s not because of the view.

If you have a fear of flying, you might want to sit down for this…

Have you ever had a flight attendant ask you to raise your window shade just as the plane is about to land?


If you have, you’ve probably wondered why it’s necessary as the sun blinds you…


The reason why flight attendants ask you to do this is pretty simple… yet frightening.


Passengers are asked to lift their shades because the crew will need everyone’s eyes to already be adjusted to the light in case the plane has an emergency.


Airplane crews need to be able to evacuate all passengers within 90 seconds, and not having the ability to see (or worse—being stunned by the sudden change in light) can mean the difference between life and death.


Opening the window shades allows for more visibility outside, too—especially if the crew needs to identify if the fuselage is, you know, about the explode.


Whoa! You probably never knew this about flying because flight attendants don’t want you to freak out! Thankfully, now you know it’s a safety precaution and not some form of torture to make you queasy upon takeoff or landing.

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