Global warming is a major problem. The industrialization of our society has been depleting the planet’s natural resources for decades, causing increased pollution and rapidly changing weather patterns.

Now, the effects of climate change are being felt all over the globe, and these photographers have begun to capture just how bad things have gotten.

Overpopulation is a major cause of global warming and one look at Mexico City, one of the most densely populated places in the world, shows us why.


In Haiti, the poorest country in the world, four million people are crammed into the tiny city of Port-au-Prince.

New Delhi has a staggering 25 million inhabitants and is overflowing with landfills and dust from pollution.


Even in Los Angeles, it’s alarming how much electricity is needed to power the city.


With so many people on Earth, we have developed technology to help sustain life as we know it, but this had led to disastrous consequences for the planet. This waste was left behind by an incineration plant in Bangladesh.


This giant plant in Canada was built for processing oil sands.


Another Canadian oil sands development plant can be seen from above, showing just how much the facility alters the landscape.


In Oregon, a whole forest was mowed down to make a new dam.


And in British Columbia, Canada, entire mountains have been ruined by deforestation.


This giant diamond mine in Russia is the largest in the world. 


This vast oil field in California stretches for miles, rendering the land beneath it lifeless.


These cattle are part of a massive industrial fattening facility in Brazil.

Emissions from this plant in the UK darken the sky that surrounds it.


And these streaks show the pollution left behind by the heavy air traffic over London each day.


This chaotic scene from Black Friday shows how much humans value commercialism above all else. 


As a result, we don’t think about how much trash we leave behind, like these tires strewn through the Nevada desert.


Old discarded electronics often get dumped in developing countries, even though they contain toxic metals. 


This surfer in Indonesia rides a wave engulfed in garbage.


In fact, there’s an entire island in the North Pacific Ocean made of garbage discarded by humans and carried there by the ocean’s currents.

When animals consume this trash, they die slow and painful deaths. 


Sadly, some human beings even intentionally kill wild endangered animals like this elephant in Kenya.


This Amur tiger is one of the rarest in the world, but it was also killed by poachers for its skin.


This behavior is quickly catching up to humans by causing weather patterns that are wreaking havoc all over the globe.


In China, the high pollution of the Yellow River gives off an unbearable smell.


In Colorado, global warming has led to an increase in wildfires, forcing thousands of people out of their homes.


Here, cattle continue to graze just feet away from the treacherous blaze.


Because of climate change, these glaciers are melting rapidly.


The melting glaciers depleted the territory and food supply of this polar bear in Svalvarde, Norway, causing it to starve to death.


Soon, entire countries could be completely under water due to rising sea levels, like the island nation of the Maldives.


But all hope is not lost: Some people are doing their part to turn the tide from damaging the planet. In Almeria, Spain, 10,000 greenhouses were built to help cool the area and provide a sustainable food source.


This is just one small step, but we need to take much more drastic action if we want to protect our planet for generations to come. If each one of us is more conscious about the amount of energy we consume and waste we produce, then we can make a big difference in helping Earth become a safer place.

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