We’re often taught that two wrongs don’t make a right, but in the case of Robert Bezeau, we just might have to make an exception.

After moving from Canada to a very low-income section of Panama, Robert immediately observed that there were two major issues. Housing and pollution. Whereas some people might have despaired, Robert found a way to turn these two problems into something incredible.

After witnessing some of the worst effects of plastic waste accumulation, Robert decided to do something.

01-plastic-bottle-villagePlastic Bottle Village

The Plastic Bottle Village project was created with the goal of solving two issues at once.

02-plastic-bottle-villagePlastic Bottle Village

Making use of 83 acres of land on Isla Colon, Robert began constructing an entire village out of plastic bottles. His goal was to provide housing for the residents there while also recycling tons of trash.

03-plastic-bottle-villagePlastic Bottle Village

Each of the homes is built using around 14,000 plastic bottles and they hope to make 120 homes — that’s nearly 1.7 million bottles!

04-plastic-bottle-villagePlastic Bottle Village

They also want to stock the village with a community center, several gardens, and a yoga pavilion.

05-plastic-bottle-villagePlastic Bottle Village

The plastic bottle insulation is designed with sustainability in mind, and the plastic cools the homes without need for air conditioning.

06-plastic-bottle-villagePlastic Bottle Village

“We aim to reconstruct these materials into modern, stylish, and quality-built residences. We want to live inside what we have consumed and thrown away.”

07-plastic-bottle-villagePlastic Bottle Village

What a fantastic way to potentially solve two issues all at once and leave the world a better place. If you’d like to find out more about the project and how you can donate, do so here.

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