Humans aren’t the only ones who have to learn how to find food as easily as possible. From the flocks of pigeons and ducks in the parks to the stray cats and raccoons on the prowl for scraps, a number of animals have realized that filling their bellies doesn’t have to be such an ordeal—and freebies are abundant if you know where to look.

Small critters aren’t the only ones who can be resourceful. There’s at least one polar bear in particular, way up in the Northern hemisphere, who’s learned a neat trick for obtaining tasty treats.

Instead of bothering to track down a seal when she wants some grub, this polar bear simply hits up her very own drive-through window!

This polar bear has taught herself a neat trick for whenever she’s is feeling a bit peckish.


She’ll climb right up to the window of this house and place her order.


Then, she simply prepares for the good part…

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Hopefully, she knows that she has to tip generously. That’s how polar bear feeders make their money, really!

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