When it comes to police animals, there’s no shortage of awesome and adorable horses and dogs. They’re essential to many law enforcement tactics, and most cops will tell you that they’re just as much a part of the squad as any human officer.

One little girl in Durham, England couldn’t help but wonder: why are there no police cats? When she wrote to her local constabulary with this question, they decided to respond in a way that will make you smile!

Five-year-old Eliza of England wrote to the Durham Constabulary with a question—and a request. First, why are there no police cats? And could they please get some police cats?

01-police-catsTwitter / tommywilkinson

The police made sure they responded to Eliza’s adorable letter with one of their own.

02-police-catsTwitter / tommywilkinson

Even better, Chief Constable Michael Barton, who penned the reply, attached a drawing of his own cat for Eliza to enjoy!

03-police-catsTwitter / tommywilkinson

Who else thinks Eliza makes quite the compelling case? We sure do! Police cats would be great for solving crimes in the middle of the night—can’t wait for their first catnip bust!

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