By all accounts, Officer Samantha Sepulveda was one of the more renowned members of the Freeport Police Department in Long Island, New York. During her first several years, she was determined to break down every possible gender barrier that could set her back in what was, by and large, a male-dominated field.

Even in the face of criminals and officers alike doubting her ability to get the job done, she remained a consummate professional. That’s exactly why it was so difficult for everyone to understand when her partner discovered her shocking secret one day…

Samantha Sepulveda came to New York City from the Dominican Republic at the tender age of five. Her mother knew she had to seize the opportunity to work in a factory so her young daughters would one day have better career opportunities.

Samantha’s first love was always sports and, after high school, she earned a lacrosse scholarship to the University of Massachusetts. While there, she worked for a BA in management, and then went on to get her masters degree in finance from Hofstra University.

Samantha was small in stature—just five feet two inches—but she was incredibly tough and hardworking. Although she’d earned a degree in finance, she ultimately decided a career on Wall Street wasn’t for her. Instead, she decided to become a New York police officer.

Samantha realized she wanted to dedicate her life to helping others, which drove her to enroll in the police academy. Before long, she’d become an officer at the Freeport Police Department in Long Island, New York. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing…

There was no getting around it: being a police officer was extremely difficult, especially for a small woman in a historically male-dominated field. Still, Samantha managed to overcome every hurdle her chosen career path brought her way.

What Samantha lacked in physical size she more than made up for with her amazing interpersonal skills. By all accounts, she was a consummate professional and great police officer.

Still, in order to avoid being undermined as a female police officer, Samantha began resorting to a few tactics—like wearing less makeup and a larger uniform than needed in order to hide her figure.

Sure enough, with her grit and determination, Samantha became one of the most well-regarded members on the force. She’d reached her goal! That’s what made it all the more surprising when it was discovered that she was leading a double life…

Even though Samantha was arguably one of the best officers on the force, her colleagues couldn’t help but sense she’d become distant at work. Soon, they began to suspect she was hiding something. But what?

While rumors swirled around the break room, evidence seemed to be mounting that Samantha was up to something. What could this highly educated, hardworking officer have been doing to arouse their suspicions?

Samantha became aware of the rumors, and she decided that she could no longer keep her double life from her colleagues. All of their years of conducting investigations was bound to reveal the truth anyway. With that, she decided to reveal her secret…

Though she’d tried her best to hide it, Samantha had been working a second job… as a model! A lingerie company had even invited her to appear in their fashion show. Nevertheless, she wasn’t sure how news of her second job would be received.

Samantha hoped that they would understand and support her. After all, she’d begun modeling three years after becoming a police officer because it gave her the same sense of empowerment as law enforcement.

Since she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to give up her career as a police officer, Samantha simply began performing both jobs simultaneously. For a long time, this routine had worked, but eventually it had to come to an end.

Not only was she frequently traveling due to her modeling career, but Samantha was really picking up steam in the business. In fact, she was becoming so popular that her fellow officers soon learned all about her shocking secret. So, how did they respond?

Unfortunately, many mocked her—and they did it relentlessly. Although she’d remained a dedicated officer, there was something about Samantha’s modeling career that caused some of her fellow officers to ridicule her.

Samantha couldn’t help but feel the perception of her modeling career by her colleagues was a huge double standard. She noted that no one else on the force with a second job was ever mocked for whatever else they were doing to pay the bills.

Samantha was also sure to clear things up, stating that her career choice was about celebrating women’s bodies. “If people find it offensive, they can close their eyes!” she explained in one interview.

Despite her colleagues’ reactions, since debuting as a model, Samantha has garnered quite a social media following. With upwards of 250,000 Instagram followers, as well as being featured in Maxim magazine, she was more than on the right track—she was full-on established.

Nowadays, some time after her big reveal, Samantha remains extremely proud to be successfully leading two separate career paths. She gets a great deal of joy out of protecting the people of New York, as she does the same with being a professional model.

Due to finding success as both a police officer and a professional model, Samantha has even decided to write a book called American Beauty, in which she plans to detail the struggles of her work as a female police officer.

While finding success in utterly different fields, Samantha’s hope was to inspire and empower young girls to achieve their dreams, regardless of the line of work they choose pursue. And, so far, it’s definitely working!

Hopefully young women everywhere will be able to find inspiration in what Samantha has managed to do with her life. At the end of the day, that’s all she’s hoping to do with her career choices. You go, girl!

Samantha is truly an inspiration. She is certainly free to pursue whatever career path she wants, and anyone who disagrees with her can just choose to ignore her success.

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