These days, it might be easy to think that just about every bacon-related invention has already been created. The delicious meaty food item might just be old news at this point, right?

Wrong! There’s one incredibly mouthwatering bacon recipe that might just be the very best one yet. Not only that, but it only requires a few ingredients, which means it’s super simple to make!

So, buckle up, get your apron on, and prepare yourself for the potato bacon pie. It’s delicious, and it’s here to make your life better.

For this scrumptious potato bacon pie recipe, you’re going to need—you guessed it—lots of bacon! Once you’ve got those lovely strips all ready to go, use them to line a skillet as shown below.


Next, you’ll be moving on to the potato portion of this dream-worthy meal. For this, you will need five medium-sized potatoes. Slice them up like so, into thick chips. Looking good already, right?


Place those potato slices into the bacon-lined skillet, as is demonstrated below. The combination of the bacon and the hearty potato slices is going to make this dish really tasty.


After that, you’re ready for one of the most exciting parts of this awesome recipe: lots and lots of cheese. Cheddar cheese is probably the best option, and you’ll want it to be shredded.


At last, you’re nearly ready to enjoy your work! Grab ahold of the ends of the bacon slices that are hanging off the skillet and wrap them back over the potatoes and cheese. It should look like a sort of bacon-covered casserole.


There are a few more tiny steps that you’ll need to complete this bangin’ bacon recipe! Take a look at them below and start adding them to your grocery list, because you know you want to make this tonight!

Holy yum! Sure, it may not be the healthiest meal, but who really cares about that when their stomachs are full of delicious bacon?

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