You may not think they’re the most nutritious of vegetables, but potatoes can certainly be delicious and healthy. Whether you mash them, roast them, or turn them into French fries, the possibilities are practically endless.

That fact doesn’t just go for food, either. Even if you never want to put another potato in your mouth again for the rest of your life, there are still countless other things that you can do with them!

With that in mind, here are 10 incredible potato hacks that you probably never thought of before. From safety precautions to arts and crafts, you won’t want to miss this!

1. To avoid injury when removing a shattered lightbulb from its socket, cut a potato in half and “screw” it onto the shards; simply twist and remove! (Just remember to unscrew the fuse first.)


2. Treat insect bites with your trusty potatoes! Cut them into thin slices and place them right onto the affected area. This helps significantly reduce itching in your legs and arms by neutralizing the irritation.


3. Slice the top of a raw potato, dip the cut end in baking soda, and rub against your cutlery, pots, pans, and other metal objects to remove stubborn rust! This can save you from having to buy new appliances, too.


4. Is your car’s windshield getting too foggy and hard to see through during the cold winters? Just rub a sliced raw potato all over the glass to clear it right up. After all, this is a matter of safety!


5. If you need to rid your cheese grater of old, unsafe, and disgusting cheese, grate as many potatoes with it as you need before your next wash. The potato isn’t greasy and won’t stick to the metal like cheese will, so the cheese residue comes right off!


6. Forget cucumbers! All you need to give yourself the spa treatment and to feel refreshed is a mask of sliced raw potatoes. Put them on your eyes to make dark circles fade away completely and reduce redness.


7. Drop a few potatoes in a simmering pot of soup to desalinate it. Once the potatoes are soft, they should have absorbed all the extra salt. Repeat as often as necessary; potatoes won’t leave any aftertaste after you remove them!


8. Did you know the water that remains after boiling potatoes is perfect for restoring the shine in your old silver jewelry? Once the water has cooled and you’ve removed the potatoes, simply place your silver in there until it becomes shiny again.


9. Acne scars can be both painful and unsightly, but if you apply slices of raw potatoes on them, they can eventually clear up, or at least get treated. No expensive creams and lotions may be necessary at all!


10. Finally, this fun craft is great for kids in preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school! Just slice a potato in half and cut out whatever shape you want, then paint over it to make fun little stamps for kids!


There’s no telling what else you can do with the power of a potato, but these 10 tips should definitely get you started. There’s never been a better reason to keep potatoes in your house!

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