Many young girls dream of being princesses, complete with all of the glamorous trappings that come with that title. The “Disney Princesses” in particular—like Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and Elsa—have enchanted young women for generations.

So it’s understandable why one 5-year-old foster kid named Danielle wanted to be dressed like a princess on the day she would be adopted by her new family. But there was a big surprise in store for Danielle… just wait until you see what it is!

An adoption day should always be special for kids like 5-year-old Danielle, who was officially about to be welcomed into an entirely new family.

1-princess-adoptionVimeo / Samiritas

Everyone in the courtroom wanted to make sure that she would never forget the day that she became a daughter.

2-princess-adoptionVimeo / Samiritas

Everything was going according to plan, until someone surprising walked in  and shocked Danielle!

3-princess-adoptionVimeo / Samiritas

Her reaction was absolutely magical!

Danielle may be young, but she’ll certainly never forget the fairytale ending to her adoption journey. Her new life is off to a fantastic start!

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