Proms of today are a lot different than they were back in the day. Forget buying something off the rack; girls spend a small fortune on expensive designer dresses, and young men have their tuxedos tailored for the big event.

In addition to all of this, elaborate production numbers performed by kids asking someone to be their date (known as “promposals”) are practically the status quo! When it comes to the prom, it’s less about the dress, dinner, and dancing, and more about the spectacle.

The drama doesn’t end when you arrive at the prom either. Before you make it inside to the dance, couples often craft over the top entrances (“prentrance”) that they capture with their phones and share on social media. Meghan Flaherty was determined to make a prentrance that would put everyone else to shame.

Nowadays in order to stand out at a prom, you really have to do something different if you want to make a prom entrance, or “prentrance,” that no one will forget. New Jersey student Meghan Flaherty made sure no one would miss her arrival to the big dance.


Meghan and her prom date (with the help of a family friend dressed as funeral director) arrived in a real hearse! To further up the ante, Meghan herself was lifted out of the back of the hearse in an open casket! She looked pretty lively for a corpse.prom-entrance-hearse-coffinYouTube

Meghan, a quiet girl, plans on being a funeral director once she finishes school. She decided that arriving to her prom in a hearse was only too fitting. Her classmates looked on in shock when she arrived, they never expected to see anything like this!3333

Unlike most dead bodies, Meghan kept her eyes open when she was pulled out of the back of her very special ride. She was too curious to see how her classmates would react to risk keeping them closed. According to Meghan “they could barely take it in!”hearseYouTube

After being removed from her casket, it was prom as usual for the teen. She and her date posed for pictures by their ride just like every other young couple at the dance… minus the creepy undertaker photobomb, of course. prom-hearse2

Believe it or not, Meghan was not the only prom-goer who chose this unique way of getting to the dance. Sara Jozefowski and her date Scott Anderson, who live in Burlington Vermont, also decided to take a hearse to the dance. Yes, that’s Scott in the body bag.hearse 2 Journal Times

Arriving in a hearse to prom might not be for everyone, but there’s no denying just how memorable of an entrance it can make! To see Meghan’s entire arrival at the dance and to hear how her friends reacted when they saw her, make sure to watch the entire video below.

This definitely beats out hiring a stretch limo or just bumming a ride from Mom and Dad. What a trip!

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