Identical twins have a special relationship that some speculate is forged even before they emerge from the womb. In fact, they’re often perceived as being mysterious, otherworldly, and totally unique.

There are also certain ideas about identical twins that have permeated popular culture. For instance, it’s said that they often have their own private language, and some claim that they can feel when the other one is in pain or in need of help.

Science has long been fascinated with the deep bond between identical twins. Still, this story of two sisters from Wales is a terrifying example of just how little we truly know about the connection between identical twins.

The tale of identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons is a truly haunting one. As children, the Welsh girls isolated themselves, speaking in a language that only the two of them could understand. It became so extreme, that their family decided to separate them when sending them off to boarding school. When they were reunited, however, their bond was only stronger.


Once the sisters were together again, they began to write stories about violent crimes, like arson and theft, that they would then bring to life together. The sisters were bored—and that boredom led them to act out in extremely dangerous ways.17264300_1292235044199256_2125864512954282341_n

Eventually, the twins were diagnosed as psychopaths and were institutionalized at Broadmoor Mental Hospital, an infamous mental hospital in the United Kingdom. Though the girls were in separate rooms, they were often seen sitting in exactly the same position. Some days, June would binge eat while Jennifer would starve herself—all without any communication with the other…

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Before they were sent away, their violence turned toward each other. June tried to strangle her sister with a telephone cable, and Jennifer tried to drown June in a river. Eventually, the young women came to believe that one of them would have to die in order for the other one to live.


When the journalist Marjorie Wallace came to meet with the girls while researching a book she was writing about them, Jennifer told her, “Marjorie, Marjorie, I will have to die.” When the author asked why, Jennifer answered, “Because we decided so.”

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Eventually, the sisters were scheduled to be moved to a hospital closer to their family. However, on the day of the move, Jennifer was raced to hospital where she died of an acute heart condition. There was no evidence of foul play. Asked about her sister’s death, June said, “Her speech was slurring… she was tired and said she was dying. Then she slept with her head on my lap but with her eyes open.”


June showed no outward signs of mourning for her sister. When asked about her death, she simply said, “I am free, liberated. Finally, Jennifer gave her life for me.” She also wrote a poem for Jennifer’s headstone that read: “We once were two/We two made one/We no more two/Through life be one/Rest in peace.”


The haunting story of these disturbed identical twins sounds like something out of a movie. What makes it really unsettling, though, is that it was all true. It’s enough to give you the chills!

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