While most people love animals and treat them with respect, others are not so decent. Unfortunately for one man in Hungary, he just learned this the hard way.

After going for a walk in his neighborhood, the unsuspecting man came across an out-of-place trash bag on the side of the road. When he got closer to it, he noticed something was amiss—and that’s when the bag started moving.

A Hungarian man out for a walk spotted an unusual bag moving on the side of the road. It had been tightly knotted, so he carefully cut it open.  2-puppy-trash-bag

Once opened, he couldn’t believe what he found! 

If someone didn’t want their puppy, they should’ve done the right thing and brought him to a shelter for special care. We hope this little guy finds a better home soon!

Share this puppy’s story with your friends who love animals, and be sure to visit the ASPCA to learn more about how you can help puppies like this one.