In many remote and rural areas across America, you might find yourself running into a curious sight: a fence post painted purple. Though strange, it’s not exactly cause for alarm in the minds of passersby, even though it should be…

These purple fences are far from an aesthetic choice, that much is certain. In fact, they actually serve as a warning and with good reason.

Now, people are learning exactly why some landowners are painting their fences that recognizable shade of purple. Knowing why they do it could potentially save you from a world of trouble.

You might find yourself passing fence posts that look just like these, especially in rural Texas, Illinois, as well as other places like Arkansas and Maine. While it may look like an interesting design, there’s an actual reason why it looks that way…

01-purple-fence-postsEast Texas Land

Many people become confused when they randomly stumble upon these fences. They scratch their heads and wonder if it’s some kind of sign that the area might just be under construction or any other number of ideas they can think of…


The actual answer, however, is much simpler. It turns out that people paint the tips of their fences and metal posts for a good reason and it’s most definitely a warning to people who are unfamiliar with the property they’ve come across…

02-purple-fence-postsThe Info Mine

It turns out that people paint their fences purple when they want to tell people that there is “no trespassing” on a specific property, and this little known law is being enforced by many state legislatures. This is done for a convenient purpose for those people who own large plots of land.


The important warning is much easier than posting a series of “no trespassing” signs all over their property, both in terms of expense and not having to have the signs made. Strangest of all, while this convention  may seem knew to you, it isn’t new by any means.

In fact, the law has been in effect for upward of 30 years! That’s why it’s extremely important to pay attention to your surroundings if you find yourself in an unknown area. If you cross those lines, you’re actually breaking the law.


If you’re wondering why they chose the color purple the answer is pretty simple. Ashley Pellerin, an agent at the Prairie View A&M Extension said in an interview, “It’s no trespassing period. The no trespassing purple, a lot of people who are color blind, they can actually see the color purple so I believe that’s why it was chosen.”


That will most certainly give you a reason to stay away from the areas that are marked with that distinctive purple paint. Watch what this man does to show people no one can enter his property without his permission…

It’s so important to pass this information along. While this isn’t a very well-known law to many of us, it’s totally enforceable, and breaking it could leave a person in a lot of trouble!

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