If there’s one thing that the Internet is good for, it’s creating confusion. It seems like every other day a new picture or video surfaces that has users everywhere scratching their heads. Of course, everyone loves a good optical illusion—but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy to figure out!

For instance, one of the latest photos that’s puzzling the online community depicts four girls posing for a picture while on vacation. At first glance, it seems completely normal, but take a closer look and you’ll realize there’s something very unusual happening! In fact, all of the following images consist of some sort of optical trickery. Can you figure them out?

1. The Internet loves to offer up images that create confusion. It seems like a new puzzling picture surfaces every other day and causes mass hysteria among the online community. Just take this seemingly ordinary snapshot of four young women on vacation, for instance…

At first glance, it seems like everything is as it should be. But if you look carefully, you’ll notice something goofy in the background. Do you see it? Take a look at the people—they all have the same face! Amazingly, this isn’t the only photograph throwing people for a loop…

2. Everyone knows there are many frightening sea creatures lurking the depths of the oceans, but a fish-man with arms, legs, and store-bought flippers? Now that’s something to marvel at!

Hold your seahorses! This is just a perfectly timed photo showing a fish swimming directly in front of the camera—and getting in the way of the snorkeler’s shot. That’s one fishy vacation photo!

3. There’s definitely a lot to process in this photo, and you only feel more pressure to quickly solve the puzzle. Where’s the mistake? The numbers all seem correct… or do they? Of course, the answer has been in front of you the entire time!

It turns out the numbers are just a distraction. Surely this guy wouldn’t place the intentional mistake in the instructions, right? Well he did: in the word “mistake” itself. Did this puzzle trick you?

4. This optical illusion might not be so safe for work. Does this woman think she’s at a nude beach or something? That’s what it certainly seems like upon first glance. Luckily, the truth is actually far, far simpler.

This photograph really requires a double-take. It turns out that she’s not missing any clothing, thank goodness. What you perceives as her rear end is simply her friend’s perfectly placed elbow crease. The woman will definitely crack a smile when she looks back at this photo!

5. Unless you regularly go fishing or you drive boats in your spare time, there’s a chance you won’t notice what’s wrong with this picture. The answer is subtle, but once you see it, it’ll make a lot of sense…

Notice that object toward the front of the boat? That’s actually the hitch to a trailer, which is typically meant to be attached to cars in order to transport boats on land. This boater forgot to detach it when he went for a little spin around the lake!

6. Uh-oh! Someone—maybe Thing from The Addams Family?—seems to be lending this Gonzaga basketball player an extra hand as he blocks a shot. But is this foul play, or is there something else afoot?

Don’t be fooled: the black compression band on the other player’s wrist is just causing some amazing trick photography. It just so happens to be the same deep black as the background of the photo, making his right hand seem detached. Whew!

7. This news anchor seems like she has the world’s skinniest frame, but you should know better than that by now. Can you tell what’s causing her to look so incredibly thin in this photograph?

Take a closer look: it’s just a peculiar pattern on her outfit that’s blending in with the backdrop. She’s wearing a yellow dress with black stripes down the sides that are meant to define her figure, but we bet the designer didn’t think she’d stand in front of a black background!

8. Here we see a young man sitting on a bench outside his house, reading a book and enjoying a snack, right? Well, take a look to the right of his head—is that cat defying gravity and walking sideways? What is this malarkey…

Before you panic—no, gravity-defying cats are not invading the planet—take a second to examine the picture. It turns out the young man is simply lying down with his back on the ground. That’s some tricky photography!

9. Lip injections appeal to certain folks, but are people really still getting them? How else do you explain the nature of this woman’s giant smackers? Come on, you know something’s up…

Well, those aren’t botox lip injections gone wrong. It’s just the dog’s tongue! As you can imagine, this woman is going to need to wash her face as soon as possible. With a tongue that big, she’s going to be covered in slobber.

10. Here’s another image that was recently the subject of a huge debate. The third woman from the left seems to be missing her legs. Where do you think they went? Surely there has to be an answer, right?

Perhaps this explanation can be of some assistance to you: the woman’s legs are actually “wearing” the second pair of jeans from the left. The friend next to her is wearing black jeans, which are hidden behind her other pal holding the beer bottle. Now it makes sense!

Sometimes it takes a keen eye to spot unusual things happening in pictures. The next time someone shows you a baffling photo, you’ll know exactly where to look!

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