Just like a lot of milestones in cultures around the world, the quinceañera, or 15th birthday, is an important event for many Latinas. Unlike other birthdays, the 15th marks the end of childhood and the beginning of womanhood, and it’s worthy of a big celebration.

For Monique Salinas and her family, however, her big celebration also brought back painful memories. The Benavidas, Texas-based girl lost her brother, Mikey, 10 years prior in a car accident, and not having him there for her big day was going to be hard. But she broke down into tears when a certain someone walked through the door…

Despite the festivities, 15-year-old Monique Salinas couldn’t shake the sad feeling she felt during her quinceañera. There was just something missing.


That’s because 10 years earlier, when Monique was just five, she’d lost her brother, Mikey, in a car crash. The loss was especially tough during special moments like her 15th birthday.


Given all of this, there was one moment during the party where Monique couldn’t stop herself from breaking down.


The reason why? Her brother’s heart had just walked through the door.

It’s amazing to see that these families still have this connection after all of those years. What a wonderful way for Aubrey to say “thank you” and for Monique to stay in touch with Mikey.

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