Nature is something that never ceases to amaze. Just watch any documentary and you’ll be in awe at some of the events that happen under completely natural forces!

Weather patterns are responsible for some of the most fascinating occurrences in nature. When the conditions are just right, something as common as an ordinary downpour can turn into an amazing and rare phenomenon, lighting up the sky everywhere you look.

But one strange weather pattern is taking the world by storm, quite literally! It’s called a rain bomb, and it’s like something straight out of a sci-fi movie…

If there is one thing we know about nature it’s that it never ceases to amaze us, and one of the most fascinating aspects of nature is the weather. The atmosphere is constantly producing stunning occurrences — some of them more common than others.

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You may not have heard of them, but “rain bombs” are one of these amazing natural events that most people rarely get to witness. But when you do, you immediately understand why the word “bomb” is in the name.

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Also known as a microburst, a rain bomb happens when a cooled heavy column of air sinks suddenly in the middle of a storm. This downdraft pulls the water droplets toward the ground with tremendous force.

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Seeing one of these rain bombs is a humbling experience, as you can imagine from the images here. The ball of water literally looks like a bomb that’s crashing down to earth to leave damage in its wake.

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When the air hits the ground, it’s pushed outward in a curling motion, causing winds of up to 150 mph and bringing crushing torrents of rain. This is the kind of weather that you absolutely don’t want to find yourself stranded in! Overhead views of rain bombs are a sight to behold…

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The outflow of air makes the event look like a bomb from far away. Some people also describe microbursts as an “upside-down tornado.” We all know how devastating tornadoes are, and microbursts rival them in power.

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It’s hard to believe that a quick burst of rainwater can come down with such driving force that buildings and roads can both potentially suffer extensive damage. The water can cause devastating results to the areas that get hit.

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Microbursts reach areas of up to 2.5 miles across, and they come and go quickly, making them extremely rare. However, although they only last a short period of time, the wind and rain can cause serious issues for the surrounding areas.

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This storm chaser in Arizona was fortunate enough to capture a rain bomb in action! He was standing safely at a distance, of course, but there’s no denying that it was probably still an intense experience!


What started off as a sunny day quickly turned to cloudy and ominous as the microburst approached. The storm chaser was amazed at how fast it traveled. It seemed like it only took a matter of minutes for the massive force to take shape.


With the sun completely blocked out and the sky a dark shade of gray, the storm chaser knew this was going to be quite an amazing display of the power of weather. Now,watch the moment the air is sucked out, and everything changes…

This incredible phenomenon is amazing to look at from far away, but you definitely wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of one!

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