Everybody loves dessert. It’s pretty much the only reason we choked down dinner as kids; we knew at the end we would be rewarded with something full of sugar. Any parent knows just how important a role dessert plays in the lives of their children.

Few desserts are as delicious as cake. Cake has the trifecta of sugary goodness: layers, icing and sprinkles. It’s hard to think someone can improve such an amazing combination!

Darren Wong, a Brooklyn baker, uses Japanese cooking methods just perfected the ultimate dessert that defies what you thought was possible. It’s called a “raindrop cake,” and when you see what it’s made from, you’ll never want to eat anything but that again!

Darren Wong, a baker based out of Brooklyn, is taking the dessert world by storm by incorporating Japanese cooking techniques to create an incredibly unique concoction that’s made entirely from water. He calls it “raindrop cake.”

Cake 2

Although it tastes essentially like water, the toppings help give it layers of unique flavor; roasted soy flower and black sugar syrup come together to create an incredibly unique culinary experience.

Cake 1

People are obsessed with this new dessert, and at only $8 a serving they can enjoy more than just one of these edible pieces of art.

Cake 3

Check out the video below to see Darren Wong explain how the raindrop cake is created

Most of us would never imagine that a dessert made from water could be appetizing. The best part is that is that it has “practically zero calories,” so you don’t have to feel guilty about overindulging.

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