Like it or not, we are now solidly in the digital age, but that can come with some benefits, too. Take, for example, those people who are always boasting about their “once-in-a-lifetime experiences.” While before we would be forced to nod and throw some reluctant bruhaha their way, now things are a little bit different.

“Pictures, or it didn’t happen!” has become the resounding soundbite of the 21st century. Thanks to smartphones, Instagram, and just a general thirst for social presence, we have been gifted the privilege of bearing witness to some of those once-in-a-life moments. Well, witnessing vicariously through pics, but those are the times, you know.

1. The phrase usually goes “take me out to the ball game…” not “take me out AT the ball game.” Unfortunately, this guy slipped up on the lyrics and now it looks like he’s getting exactly what he asked for.

Renegade_Meister / reddit

2. This college football fan made the catch of the season when a bald eagle touched down on his arm right in the middle of the game! While everyone in the stands was trying to snap a pic, this baldie was really just looking for the best view of the game.

_Arbys_ / reddit

3. Flipper is about 5 decades too early for this kiddo, so she probably has no idea what she’s even looking at. This tot is solidly in the Baby Shark generation; we’re going to guess she’d have probably been a lot happier hanging with the hammerheads.


4. Don’t believe everything Disney tells you. You don’t have to be a damsel in distress who doesn’t have a waist and croons for a man in order to have birds and other woodland creatures help you do your chores! Just be a friendly person, recycle, and you know, birds will help you put on your cap.

jammasterdj / reddit

5. At the county fair in this seaside town, one can always be aware of their queue in line based on the size of the lobsters crawling around their button-up. The closer you are to hot popcorn and candy apples, the bigger your lobsters.

Mr_Bins / reddit

6. Coaches spend hundreds of hours scheming plays that will be difficult for the opposing team to predict or stop. Jokes on them though, as this genius player just straight up turned invisible! Unfortunately, invisibility can have its shortcomings, too…

aldahuda / reddit

7. When the QB couldn’t really spot his running back to connect, he panicked and threw a ball that went more than a little rogue. It certainly surprised this pup who just got a mouthful of pigskin. It was just too bad he wasn’t in the end zone.

dwimback / reddit

8. That moment when you’re like “I’m just going to dip my toe in” and then your friend is like, “that’s what you think” and then you’re like, “it’s over between us.” And then it is. Because, no.


9. Well, if he didn’t see that coming, now he’s really not going to see anything coming. Hopefully, this dude had better foresight when it came to his abseiling strategy, or Rocky here might be hanging out for a while.

YourMomsNext / reddit

10. Volleyball is for basic beaches! Here in Sint Maarten we toss around planes because we’re hot like that. And only Delta planes because everyone knows you lose when you go with American Airlines. 

yaph / reddit

11. Good grief, Lou. This is why we can’t have nice things— it’s YOU! Shortly after this photo was taken, Lou tried to redeem himself by swiping up a breakfast burrito at a nearby table. Unfortunately, due to a loose wrap, the contents were all lost and Lou nibbled a scrap of tortilla alone, quietly. 

GallowBoob / reddit

12. Though her mom was nervous to put her daughter through such a roller coaster, she thought it was time. Buckled up tight, her mom put a protective arm over her little girl and with a deep breath… the ride started and this amazing photo was captured. 


13. At first glance, these women seem like your average track stars, but upon closer inspection, it becomes abundantly clear they are vying for the reigns on Santa’s sleigh. Here they are working on there low-hover gait. Move over Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen.

unknown / imgur

14. People spend years on Tinder and never even come close to making a connection like this. Say “cheese” little man — it looks like someone just got adopted.

victoriacheezit /reddit

15. This person was just trying to glide through chemistry class until they realized their misinformed formula actually created a miniature swampy forest world in a vile. Some say D+ student; we say genius!

TheRetardedOnion / reddit

16. Everyone was raving about the South Beach Diet, but something got a little lost in translation as this pup decided he should give it a go, too. No one really likes to talk about it, but essentially all the extra protein sparked a growth spurt, and well… the diet isn’t so popular these days.

JacksFaith / reddit

17. Living rurally can sometimes mean you grow up in a bit of a culturally void bubble. When this girl caught wind of something called Slip n’ Slide, she didn’t want to miss out on all the fun those suburban kids were having. While her slip form is great, that slide will be rough.

dwimback / reddit

18. Look, breakfast is supposed to be the best meal of the day. No one has had their coffee yet, and frankly, we’re not really appreciating your attitude right now! You know what eggs, you keep this frown up, and it’s scrambles from here on out!

TheUltimateToasters ​/ reddit

19. We’re not sure what kind of Christmas lights the Johnsons are using this year, but the light coming through the window…it’s beautiful, man. It’s like the ceiling is life and also like, magic. Woah.

mechanigoat / reddit

20. This guy is going to be totally fine! He’s just getting his ski legs back… or taking them off…or? Whatever, beer is a joke. At the lodge, it’s shotskis or nothing, bros!

-Marko- / reddit

21. Wow, humans and sharks have come a long way since Jaws. This lucky scuba diver and friendly fish buried the hatchet with a sweet underwater high five. But one question remains, down low or too slow?

Paul Spielvogel / CATERS NEWS

22. Speaking of slow…nobody does it better than a sloth. But that didn’t stop this guy from being right where he needed to be in this photobomb. There’s no doubt that it made these students’ trip to Costa Rica even more memorable.


23. Here’s what happens when you fall asleep in the bathtub! Scientists think our fingers prune in water to help us grip slippery surfaces, but this creepy skin pattern isn’t helping anyone.

Reddit / neeto85

24. If you’re happy and you know it, flap your wings! These three birds added a stunning smiley-face illusion to an already beautiful sunset. It’s nice enough to bring a smile to your face too!


25. Can you spot the second elephant in this picture? Hint: take a look at the water coming out of the buckets. This group probably couldn’t repeat this trick even if they wanted to.

Reddit / RailTieYardGame

26. They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, but tell that to Lake Michigan. Right outside of Chicago, this Great Lake became the target of six simultaneous lightning bolts!

Flickr / ChicagoPhoto1

27. It’s embarrassing enough to bump into one person wearing the same outfit as you are, but can you imagine coming across three at once? Clearly, this guy was more than a little unhappy about it.

Reddit / superfab96

28. What goes up, must come down. In this case, both are happening at the same time, as this team of skydivers passes in front of a space shuttle flying up into the cosmos.

Discover Magazine

29. It’s hard enough to find a decent parking space, but this fortunate driver won the jackpot. This gigantic tree surely would have totaled the car below as it toppled over, but instead, it gently arched over the roof.

Reddit / holysocks

30. Move over, David and Goliath. The most epic showdown of all time is now between this bird and praying mantis. Both contenders deserve a round of applause for their color coordination as well.

31. Everybody knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this tricky photograph makes it look like the sky itself is still under construction. Talk about some heavy lifting!

32. Birdception! It almost looks like this flock of flamingoes hired a choreographer, but their shape here is a total coincidence. A group of flamingoes is also known as a ‘flamboyance,’ and we can definitely see why.


33. That’s one seriously organized spider. With a pattern of repeating rectangles, it created a web that is both mesmerizing and highly impressive. Good thing nobody walked into it!

Reddit / mizkovi

34. Let freedom ring! When this bald eagle passed in front of a plane, the vapors made the bird look even more majestic than usual. Now if only the trail in the sky happened to be red, white, and blue…

35. The dinosaurs may have disappeared millions and millions of years ago, but their footprints are still leaving quite an impact in El Chocón, Argentina.

Instagram / National Geographic

36. Is this reporter trying to tell us something? Who can say whether or not this stunt was intentional, but it’s a great way to sell a bundle of newspapers… or inspire citywide paranoia.

Reddit / OilersFansDontMatter

37. Cats don’t often show a lot of affection, but for one moment these two felines formed a perfect heart with their tails. After that, they presumably went back to clawing up the sofa. Typical!


38. Stunt pilots are pretty talented, but did you know they’re also great at impressions? This daredevil perfectly positioned himself in front of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

39. Nope, that cloud is not part of the sculpture. It’s just perfect timing as it lines up directly in front of the horn. Or maybe that angel is a really heavy smoker?


40. This lucky photographer tracked down the end of a rainbow, which led to…the middle of a lake. Where’s the pot of gold? At least the beautiful scenery is a nice consolation prize.

Pikabu / shurik177

41. Here is a birdwatcher’s dream come true. What are the odds of a bird landing on a book right next to an illustration of itself? This must be the animal kingdom’s version of an autograph.

Reddit / I_drink_your_tears