When This Police Officer Followed A Barking Dog, He Had No Idea That He Was About To Be A Hero.

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Jacques and Annabelle are two adorable Scottish terriers who have lived their entire lives together in Orange, Massachusetts. Just like human siblings, these two can be hard to separate. One evening, though, when their owner had a medical emergency, the two frightened and confused dogs ran off into the night.

Not long after disappearing, Jacques returned to his home, where rescue crews were still working. When Jacques started barking at a police officer on the scene, the officer agreed to follow him and help save the life of his best friend.

The officer followed Jacques to the bottom of this long slope. That’s where the Scottish terrier’s sister, Annabelle, was found, and she was in serious trouble.


Luckily, the rescue teams got there just in time.



Dogs really are smarter than most people give them credit for. Jacques clearly knew what he was doing — what a good boy!

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