No matter how badly people want to believe that aliens exist, it’s difficult to convince non-believers when alleged sightings are most often brought forward by unreliable sources.

Of course, evidence is everything. Unfortunately, many people don’t have much to show for their encounters except for questionably grainy videos and photographs, while others scribble entire books about their supposed experiences with extraterrestrials.

Bruno Borges was one such alien-obsessed student from Rio Branco, Brazil—until he went missing. There was much speculation about his disappearance, but a recently recovered encrypted X-file that he left behind just might give people an idea of what happened to him…

When Bruno Borges, an alien-obsessed 24-year-old from Rio Branco, Brazil, recently went missing, he left behind something truly mysterious. Authorities were shocked to enter his bedroom to find handwritten encryptions covering his walls, as well as a $2,483 statue of 16th century alien believer Giordano Bruno, whom the young man was said to idolize.


Giordano was one of the first people to ever believe in extraterrestrial life.

Bruno’s walls were completely covered in text relating to Satanism and other various forms of the occult, including the Illuminati. His disappearance has since garnered worldwide attention, and has even sparked conspiracy theories that he was abducted by aliens.


Along with the scribblings were 14 books, each written in encrypted codes. Bruno’s parents have since suggested to authorities that he was planning to publish these manuscripts in the near future.


Other people across the internet suggested that perhaps Bruno was attempting to complete his idol’s unfinished work. He was said to frequently ask his relatives for help in funding the books, which he told people would “change humanity in a good way.”


A Brazilian coding expert was recently able to decode one of the passages from Bruno’s X-file. “It is easy to accept what you have been taught since childhood and what is wrong. It is difficult, as an adult to understand that you were wrongly taught what you suspected was correct since you were a child,” it read.


Bruno’s father, Athos, said that they last saw their son leave their home without any money. “We’ve tried to call him on his cell phone, but it’s off,” Athos said. “He’s never gone before. He did not take anything and the last time we saw him he was leaving home.”


Bruno’s sister, Gabriela, said that he’d locked himself in his room for nearly a month when his parents were gone. “We were very worried. Now we think he’s okay. He has a project, which is the publication of these 14 books. I think he had to do it that way,” she said.

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While the authorities of Bruno’s hometown continue to investigate his mysterious disappearance, video footage of his room has since surfaced. See how much detail he put into the scribblings on the wall?

(Video will play in Portuguese.)

Bruno’s disappearance sure is strange. Let’s hope the Brazilian authorities find answers fast… and he’s returned home safe and sound.

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