Even though they don’t save lives or invent new technology, the impact artists have made on society is truly immeasurable. They do more than make sculptures and paint paintings; they can transform the way you think!

Part of being a great artist is being able to convince the eye that it’s seeing something entirely different than what’s in front of it. Is there anything more pleasantly surprising than the tricks of the eye created by artists schooled in them?

Artist Seiji Kawasaki has been studying the art of deception his entire career, and what he creates out of simple pieces of wood will leave you thoroughly entertained!

Seiji Kawasaki is more than just an artist. He is a creative wizard, transforming materials that are totally beyond ordinary into wondrous works of art. Seiji takes pieces of plain wood and turns them into something you’ve got to see to believe. 


These may look like delicious and buttery croissants fresh from the oven, but do yourself a favor and don’t dig in just yet. While they may look like the genuine article, these well-baked French delicacies are actually works of art created using tree bark! 


You could spend hours examining at this piece of “toast” and have no clue that you are looking at anything other than a warm, buttery, delicious bite of breakfast bread! The truth is, what looks like breakfast is actually a piece of wood! Delicious? No, but awesome, oh absolutely! 


Seiji loves to carve almost anything out of wood, and he delights in the awestruck expressions his works of art inspire. Just look at these tasty vegetables; they look so fresh and so inviting. You could practically start slicing that shallot right now! 


Seiji is a gifted artist, and you can tell because of how effortless each one of his creations look. But it’s actually a very complex process. Here is a prawn in its early stages of being carved. You can see how the details become more refined later in the process.


Seiji tries to start with a piece of wood that at least shares a similar general shape with the object he is hoping to create. Going from there he carves away layer after layer until he achieves the perfect result. Incredible. The paint really makes a huge difference, too!


Every single piece he creates is painstakingly made over a series of weeks or months, and each project requires a different style. Each project also provides its own unique challenges. These anchovies he created are so stunning you could almost put them on your pizza. 


It’s amazing to see how they started as little squares of wood! Carving wood is a sensitive and time-consuming task. It requires patience, skill, and a real sense of vision. It is true that Seiji has all of these traits and an imagination that takes the cake.


Have you ever seen such a delicate cut of beef? Probably not, because it isn’t beef at all, it’s wood! The stunning way in which he is able to transform wood into whatever happens to be inspiring him that day is just amazing to behold. You can practically smell this meal! 

beef sculpture Instagram/Seiji_Kawasaki

Check out this very special plate of okra! Wooden okra, that is. While you might be on the fence about the real vegetable, it is impossible to be anything other than wowed by this offering of tiny wood veggies. 

okra sculptureInstagram/seiji_kawasaki

You don’t need to be a fan of fish to appreciate the detail that went into sculpting this sliver of wood into a beautiful delicacy. One look is all it takes and you’ll be tasting fish melting away in your mouth. The way he was able to render the muscle and the skin and even the fat is just without parallel. 

wooden fishInstagram/Seiji_Kawaski

Some of the bigger pieces he has sculpted might be easier to shrug off as easy to make, but when you look at the detail that goes into pieces like this bit of chocolate, a marshmallow, a peanut, and a cracker it becomes impossible to deny his innate skill. 

wooden snacksInstagram/Seiji_Kawasaki

The only thing this peach is missing to make it look even more realistic is a giant bite out of the side. You can practically taste the fruit in your mouth looking at this sculpture. It’s crazy to think that it isn’t a juicy peach at all but a sculpted piece of wood! 

wooden peach Instagram/Seiji_Kawasaki

Seeing the before-and-after photos in the process of creating one of these pieces of “food” is unbelievable. It’s hard not to start drooling even once you know the truth! Seiji’s talent is just amazing.

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