There are few things more stressful than getting into a car accident. Yet, it’s inevitable—it happens to almost everyone at some point. Even if you walk away from it with no physical injuries, it can still hurt financially—especially if the accident was your fault.

After a recent car accident in the Philippines, the driver responsible was terrified that he would lose everything… but then something happened that he never could have expected.

Wait until you hear how this inspiring story played out.

One day in the Philippines, Sayd Omar Morales Akmad’s car was rear-ended by a motorcycle. As anyone would feel in a similar situation, Sayd, the father of two boys, was less than pleased about the incident.

1-motorcycle-accidentSayd Omar Morales Akmad/Facebook

However, a change came over him the moment he found out who had hit him. The man in the motorcycle was just a poor fisherman carrying a large bag of rice he had been taking home for dinner.

4-motorcycle-accidentSayd Omar Morales Akmad/Facebook

When the poor fisherman struck the car with his motorcycle, the rice spilled everywhere, leaving him with nothing to feed his hungry family. There was likely no way he could pay for the damage to Sayd’s car, either.

2-motorcycle-accidentSayd Omar Morales Akmad/Facebook

When the police showed up, Sayd made an important choice. Instead of forcing the fisherman to pay for his mistake, Sayd gave the fisherman cash so that he could buy a new bag of rice.

5-motorcycle-accidentSayd Omar Morales Akmad/Facebook

The motorcyclist was so happy and relieved by Sayd’s act of charity and forgiveness that he was in tears. “You can always replace lost things,” said Sayd. “But not lost respect or love from others.”

3-motorcycle-accidentSayd Omar Morales Akmad/Facebook

Sayd said he learned compassion from his grandparents. Clearly, they raised him properly—and they would be so proud to know what he did for his fellow Filipino.

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