Countless plastic bottles are consumed every single day around the world. They’re a regular part of modern life—in fact, about one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute—but that doesn’t mean they can’t still cause problems.

All told, this contributes to the massive amount of waste that is currently plaguing our planet. Sure, we can recycle these bottles, but not everybody does, and recycle efforts are being far outstripped by consumption.

Luckily, if you have a garden, there are plenty of ways to recycle your own plastic bottles. Plus, these DIY hacks won’t just save the planet—they’ll save you time and money!

1. Mini greenhouse: You can do wonders for seedlings and other tender plants by cutting the bottom off of a clean, clear bottle and placing it over the plant. The bottle will protect the delicate seedling from the elements while still letting in water, oxygen, and sunlight and creating a toasty environment.

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2. Drip feeder: Instead of setting up an expensive electronic irrigation system for your garden, try popping a few holes on the side of a large (and clean) plastic bottle. Then make sure it’s buried right next to your favorite plant, with the neck elevated just above the dirt. Fill it up with as much water as it can take, and you’re all set!

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3. Watering can: All you need to water your plants is a plastic bottle, so an ordinary watering can isn’t necessary! As long as it’s clean, you can drill a few small holes in the cap, and once you fill it with water, you’re good to go.

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4. Sprinkler: Poke a few holes into the side of a clean two-liter plastic bottle, and you’ll have yourself a sprinkler in no time! Just add a female swivel, a female hose end, a few washers for the hose, and connect them all to your normal garden hose.

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5. Fruit picker: It can be a pain to climb up into those trees to pick the perfect fruit, but it doesn’t have to be! Take a two-liter bottle and cut a hole in the side towards the bottom, then slide a broomstick or handle into the hole of the neck. Position the bottle around the fruit and give it a twist, and it’ll disconnect from the stem and stay secure in your bottle. Now all you need to do next is go apple picking!


6. Wasp trap: Did you know that you can make a wasp trap with just a stapler, a utility knife, and either sugar water or honey? Slice a bottle in half, place the top half facing down inside the bottom half, staple it in place, and fill the inside with your sugar water or honey. Then wait! The pesky bugs will easily fly inside, but it’ll be much more difficult for them to get out.

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7. Garden scoop: Scooping up whatever you need with what used to be an ordinary plastic bottle makes gardening a breeze, whether you’re spreading out mulch or digging holes for plants. Detergent, vinegar, or any other tough plastic bottles are perfect: just be careful as you cut out the sides and bottoms!

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8. Fill planters: Some people put rocks and pebbles at the bottom of pots to increase drainage, but this makes them heavy. You’ll have no problem lifting them up and moving them around, though, if you collect clean plastic bottles, with the caps still on, then add as much soil as you think you need.

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9. Hanging bottle planters: Plastic bottles can be “upcycled” by cutting out the bottoms (carefully!) with a sharp knife, then using threads to decorate them. Now all you need to do is hang them and fill them with your favorite plants!

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It’s important to remember for all of these DIY gardening hacks that they’re not only easy, inexpensive, and minimally time-consuming, but they help prevent waste. If you have a garden, there’s no reason not to try any of these!

There’s nothing better for a gardener than having the right tools, and now it’s easier than ever! The environment will thank you.

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