There are few things more rewarding than welcoming a new baby into this world. For many couples, a new baby is often the glue that truly unites them and makes their family feel complete.

Naturally, the birth of a family’s first child is even more of a momentous event. It’s one that is full of joy… and perhaps a little bit of trepidation. It’s one of the greatest moments in a person’s life.

But for one new father, the birth of his child was accompanied with some serious confusion. And when he consulted the doctor for answers, things got even more strange…

When one expecting couple went to the hospital, the father-to-be was beyond excited to welcome his first child into the world. He was thrilled that he and his wife would become like so many other happy families. It was a truly exciting day!

He and his wife had been eager to start a family, and they couldn’t wait to begin this exciting new chapter in their lives! His wife was nervous, but she was also so happy about what was to come. She was fine with letting her husband fret and worry all around her.

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The moment his son arrived, however, things changed for the new father. He did a double take the moment they put the new baby in his arms. He knew was supposed to be over the moon with happiness, but the truth was that he felt nothing but panic running through his mind.

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He gently kissed his wife and then quietly backed out of the room. Once he reached the hallway, he suddenly bolted through the halls of the hospital looking for the obstetrician. He was desperate—he had to find her. By the time he finally did, he was nearly out of breath.


“Doctor!” he yelled. “There’s a problem! My child has red hair. He can’t possibly be mine!” His heart was racing. He was floored by what he had seen and he needed answers as quickly as he could get them. Did he need to confront his wife about cheating? Did he need a paternity test?


The father was panicked, and could you blame him? The last thing any man wants to experience is the realization that their new child might not actually be theirs. A father can still love a child that is not biologically their own, of course, but he still deserved to know the truth.

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The doctor eyed him. “Don’t be silly,” she replied calmly. “Even though you and your wife both have black hair, your son could have inherited his hair from your ancestors.” The doctor thought that this sort of information was common knowledge, but the man seemed insistent.


The doctor was used to dealing with nervous dads, but this guy really took the cake! She did her best to give him her undivided attention. Having a good bedside manner is a critical part of being that type of medical professional, after all. Still, the new father was delirious.


“There’s no way,” he shot back. “Both of our families have had jet-black hair for generations.” He really wasn’t going to let this go. He knew that the answer wasn’t as simple as their genetics, and he wasn’t going to budge until the doctor gave him an answer he could believe.

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“Well,” said the doctor, who was growing impatient. “Tell me this: how often did you and your wife have sex?” The husband blushed and stammered. He didn’t understand how often he and his wife made love would at all help the doctor answer his question.

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The doctor was getting tired of this conversation; she had patients with real problems to worry about, and to be honest, she was done with the kid-glove treatment. Now she was going to have to slap some common sense back into the man—even if it was just with words!


The doctor peered at the new father over her glasses, waiting for an answer. Still slightly taken aback and embarrassed by the question, he replied, “Oh, uh, I’ve been very busy with work and preparing for the baby this year. So… we made love about once or twice every few months, I guess?” He had not expected the doctor to ask him such a frank question.

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“There you have it,” the doctor chuckled. “It’s rust!” The father was left totally speechless. While he still didn’t get the answer he wanted, at least he got a funny story to share with his wife later on when he told her about his silly initial panic.

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That doctor has one wicked sense of humor! Perhaps the new dad had it coming, but it’s safe to say that he probably needed the laugh, too!

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