Let’s face it: we’ve all done things in our lives that we aren’t proud of. Luckily, most of them don’t cause permanent damage, but they can still be pretty embarrassing to think about.

Something you should never do, however, is post your seemingly “great” ideas on the Internet. Once the pictures are online, it’s nearly impossible to get them off entirely. All it takes is one click, and suddenly your questionable choices are available to the world.

Here are 10 pictures of people that made less-than-ideal decisions, and some of them will probably spend the rest of their lives regretting it!

1. Committing a crime is never okay, but if you decide that you are going to do it, at least try to cover your tracks. This woman was just begging to be caught after posting numerous selfies on a stolen iPad. The police didn’t have too look far to find her!


2. The dating world has seen so many changes since the advent of services like Match.com and eHarmony, but just because it’s easier than ever to connect with someone, it doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful to their feelings. This message was a little too blunt!


3. Having a flashy car seems to be important to some people. They get excited to show off their new “whip” to their friends. What their friends don’t get excited about, though, is catching them in a blatant lie. This girl needs to step away from that snazzy Porsche and get into her actual ride: a Volkswagen.


4. Almost every piece of computer software you can buy nowadays has some sort of password protection on it, but it can be easy to forget what your passwords are, especially if you have several different ones. This person was a little too cocky and thought that they’d never forget theirs, but now they might be feeling like the sucker.


5. One thing that couples like to do is get matching tattoos—or at least tattoos that are somewhat related so people know they’re meant for each other. This couple needs to familiarize themselves with jigsaw puzzles a little more. These two parts would never fit together—they’re both corner pieces!


6. In an age where identity theft and online crime has been growing rapidly, you need to do everything you can to make sure your personal information isn’t available to others. Unfortunately, this guy’s mom never got that memo. She shouldn’t be surprised when she finds out people other than her son are racking up charges on his new credit card.


7. This looks like a brilliant idea… not! This rubber band must be stretching at least 15 feet long. Isn’t there a hall monitor or teacher that can stop these kids before one of them loses an eye? Sometimes, a lesson can only be learned after an unfortunate consequence.


8. Who knows what state of mind this guy was in when he decided that spraying silver aerosol paint into his mouth was a good idea, but one thing’s for certain: his ridiculous stunt did not help him grow any new brain cells.


9. Sometimes you wonder why people feel the need to post anything online, especially if nothing exciting is even happening to them. This girl is complaining about traffic, but according to the reflection in her sunglasses, there are absolutely no cars ahead of her. Why would she even bother to post this picture?


10. Here’s another couple who thought that getting a shared tattoo would mean their love would last forever. They better hope that it does, because without the other half of this arrow-through-a-heart tattoo, they’re both left with confusing black lines.


At least after looking at these pictures you know exactly what not to post online for everyone to see. Some of these people will probably spend quite a while wishing they never made that one stupid decision for the world to see, but at least the rest of us can learn from their mistakes!

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